Photo of the Week: A Bure on the Island of Nacula, Fiji

  • Image by Vika Waqa Text by Kolinio Rokuta, whl.travel local connection in Fiji
  • 21 February 2010

Bure (pronounced boo-reh) is the Fijian word for a traditional family dwelling, with a design that represents one of the finest examples of workmanship in Fiji. It is a thatched hut usually constructed from palm and bamboo, and is accompanied by an outside kitchen. The bure pictured here is located on the island of Nacula in the Yasawa Group.

•	Photo of the Week (2008-02-21) - A bure on the island of Nacula, Fiji

As Fiji consists of over 322 beautiful islands spread across a vast expanse of sapphire ocean, a bure’s structure differs from location to location according to local customs and the availability of building materials. The interior is typically dark and smoky, usually with only one low door and high exposed ceiling beams generally decorated with coconut sinnet designs. These elements combine to form the perfect structure to maintain a cool interior in a tropical climate.

A bure would usually be occupied by a single family, but it’s also common to have an extended family staying in the same building. Nowadays, though, most Fijian villages have concrete or wooden houses, with only a handful of bures. However, the renowned Fijian village of Ba (an hour’s drive from Nadi) has kept to traditionally built bures for all households, and a total of 160 bures are found in the traditional village of Navala.

In the tourism industry, the term ‘bure’ is now synonymous with ‘bungalow,’ ‘villa’ or a separate building. Bures are available as tourist lodging, especially in the outer islands. While a traditional bure does not have electricity, bathroom facilities and other amenities, a resort bure adds to the traditional architectural design anything from fairly basic to extremely luxurious furnishings and comforts, depending on the standard of the resort.

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