Photo of the Week: A Pair of Scarecrows, Seoul, South Korea

  • Cindy Lee (Photo and Text)
  • 31 October 2010

This photo was taken when I visited Andong – located in the Yeongnam region, southwest of Seoul – which is very famous area for its Hahoe Folk Village. This village was recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site to continue to preserve its traditional-style houses all belonging to the noble ‘Yoo’ family name. These nobles and their family members lived together in this village, which was founded in the 16th century.

Photo of the Week (31 October 2010) - A Pair of Scarecrows, Seoul, Korea

The river flows around the village and the nearby mountain protects the village, holding it in an embrace like that of a mother’s arms. In autumn, red-coloured leaves are everywhere around town and the rice fields are like a big sea of golden waves.

When I was out for a walk one day, I came across two scarecrows in the middle of a field and decided to take their picture. Except during winter, scarecrows used to be very busy all the time frightening birds away; nowadays, though, warning shots and the recorded sounds of bigger birds do the work for them. However, they’re still in all our minds as good memories of childhood.

We do not celebrate Halloween in South Korea. Instead, our big holiday is the lunar new year, although we do also recognise harvest holidays and Christmas. However, this year, for the younger generations, some shops in Seoul have put up Halloween-concept decorations. Still, most Koreans don’t know much about it and these scarecrows certainly don’t.

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