Anyone for a Lime&Tonic in Prague?

  • WHL Group
  • 1 October 2010

The WHL Group has this past week launched its latest online venture, called Lime&Tonic (L&T), an exciting new business in the service of independent travellers and locals alike.

L&T is a fresh twist on the travel industry that is breaking new ground. It’s a GroupOn-style ‘collective-buying’ site with a TripAdvisor-style traveller-rated destination guide. See how it works here:

Going Global

The first L&T destination launched was Prague, but there are around 30 more city sites scheduled to go live by the end of the year.

This is exciting news for anyone with an adventurous spirit (locals and independent travellers!), as, without having to be part of a large group, it provides the sorts of discounts to buyers that big companies like TUI, Thomas Cook, Qantas or Flight Centre get from their suppliers.

Lime&Tonic logo

Better yet, L&T special deals are chosen based on tips and recommendations collected directly from locals and travellers! And, after a deal is done, these products remain on the L&T site top-50 list, with each product rated by those who have used it. So even if buyers miss the initial special deal, the products identified and promoted through L&T will be available to book throughout the year, albeit not at the same big discounted promotional rate.

Keeping Things Local… and Charitable

As with all WHL Group businesses, L&T is built around a franchise model that empowers local partners who own and operate the business. In Prague the local partner is the team from Prague.tv, no less than Prague’s most popular city guide. Other local partners in other cities are equally well enmeshed in the vibes of their destinations.

Prague Lime&Tonic homepage

Also in keeping with the WHL Group ethos of supporting local communities, L&T works with local charities and nongovernmental organisations. Local community groups are always struggling to come up with new ideas to raise money for their projects, so Lime&Tonic has found a great way to help. In each destination, L&T selects four partner charity organisations for the year. On a rotating basis, one of these charity partners is featured each week along with the weekly deal… and 10% of whatever is raised goes to that charity. In return, the charity partner helps promote the weekly deal by pushing out notice to its members. A perfect win-win scenario that builds audience and income for both the charity and L&T. Check out the Prague Charities Page and see the great organisations that L&T supports.

Cool, Caring, Collective… and Digital

L&T is currently finalising an iPhone app that will include a host of features, like an up-to-date, geo-located great-things-to-see-and-do feature. See the L&T iPhone details here.

There are also always a host of other viral activities, such as giving ‘hiptips‘ and ‘tidbits‘, through which travellers and locals can earn points and freebies.

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  1. Max says:

    Lime&Tonic Sydney is now up and running with fabulous deals on restaurants, activities and events in Sydney!

  2. Margaux says:

    Lime&Tonic Sydney is now up and running with fabulous deals on restaurants, activities and events in Sydney!

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