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In Napoleon’s Tracks: A New Bicycle Travel Experience from Lithuania to Russia

  • Peter King
  • 15 June 2012

Bikes don’t have to be slow, but there is no better form of slow travel than by bike. There are also few means of journeying that let you experience a place more fully – every bump in the road, drop of rain and heartfelt small-town reception. So if you’ve got time during the last two weeks in August 2012, registration is now open for Recycle History, an exciting new bike ride from Lithuania to Russia.


Autumn Activities: Getting a High from the Low Season

  • Natasha Robinson
  • 9 September 2010

As summer takes its final bow (or winter, depending on which end of the planet you’re standing), it’s easy to think of the months ahead as a bit of a barren travel wasteland. Please don’t! Not only are off-season holidays far from the madding crowd more relaxed and easier on the wallet, but they take advantage of milder temperatures for outdoor pursuits that can be not all that fun when it’s just too darn hot… or cold! Here we put the ‘off’ season myth to bed with a selection of what to do and where after summer’s curtain call.


Samogon? Same Again! The Inside Scoop on Minsk, Belarus

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 3 November 2008

A quick Web search on Minsk will give you the basics: It is the capital and largest city (2007 population of about 1.8 million people) of Belarus. It is also the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States, an alliance consisting of former Soviet Republics. You may also read that Minsk is only appealing to…

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