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Quito, Ecuador, Becomes the Newest whl.travel Destination

  • whl.travel
  • 2 December 2010

THIS ARTICLE IS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE. Your whl.travel local connection in Quito, a city sometimes known as the Luz de América (Light of America), are the local experts at the Yachana Foundation. No simple travel agency, Yachana strives to achieve sustainability through educational programmes in the Ecuadorian Amazon and beyond. They operate the Yachana Technical High School, located in the rainforest near the award-winning Yachana Lodge.


Ecuador’s Incredible Galapagos Islands Are Now a whl.travel Destination

  • whl.travel
  • 16 November 2010

THIS ARTICLE IS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE. No place on earth can compare with the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Their place in history is secure by virtue of the revolutionary thoughts that were cultivated during a trip there by Charles Darwin. Inspired by the incredible diversity of life surrounding him, he famously formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection while visiting the archipelago. The picturesque beauty of the islands’ rare flora and fauna continue to bring inspiration to both travellers and the lucky residents (human and nonhuman) that call this paradise home.


Top Five Picks for Volunteer Holidays

  • whl.travel
  • 15 November 2010

For whl.travel, a company dedicated to improving the travel experience and the ethical standards of tourism from the bottom up and for everyone involved, it is hardly surprising that many local partners are actively involved in voluntourism initiatives. Here we spotlight a few whl.travel destinations that encourage travellers to get involved in local projects with the promise of a true cultural experience and exchange.

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