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Will the Swaziland Uprising Affect Travellers?

  • Swazi Trails
  • 12 April 2011

Did it happen or didn’t it? There is a lot of talk currently about a popular uprising in Swaziland, and particularly the event planned for the 12th April 2011. As a locally owned business, Swazi Trails shares some of our thoughts on this, both the lead up to this happening and its aftermath. Did it happen as portrayed in the media? Will more come of it?


Yet Another 10 #whltravel Tweeps Tweeting

  • Ethan Gelber (@thetravelword)
  • 31 August 2010

Inspired by Make Travel Fair’s 10 #whltravel Tweeps Twittering, which was in turn inspired by the 10 #Travel Tweeps Twittering post published on Matador’s Travelers Notebook, in March 2010 we published 10 More #whltravel Tweeps Tweeting, all from the WHL Group. Given the interest in this, we decided to share yet another 10 #whltravel tweeps tweeting.


Top Five Picks for Community-Based Tourism Accommodation in Sub-equatorial Africa

  • WHL Group
  • 24 May 2010

Nothing beats the experience of staying with locals and supporting their local communities. The WHL Group puts forward here five of its favourite community-based accommodation initiatives in Africa.


Dodging the Football Frenzy and Tackling Alternative Sporting Events in Africa

  • Natasha Robinson
  • 22 May 2010

You’d have to be holed up in Ted Kaczynski’s cabin not to know that South Africa will be hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup next month. The Beautiful Game has a special place in all Africans’ hearts and is far and away the most popular sport played on the continent. But with football mania reaching fever pitch, it’s high time we had a look at some of the other sporting events on offer in Africa.


Photo of the Week: Bats Nesting in Swaziland’s Gobholo Caves

  • Darron Raw (image & text)
  • 14 February 2010

Swaziland’s Gobholo Caves are unusual. They remain 95% unexplored and undocumented. What is known is that it is very rare to find caves of this age and magnitude in granite rock. Daily (morning and evening) guided expeditions are available. The trip is adventurous, involving a considerable hike to the cave and some spelunking techniques once inside.


A Swazi River Delivers Water and Opportunity to a Rural African Community

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 26 November 2009

Since the 1990s, white-water rafting operators Swazi Trails, the whl.travel local connection in Swaziland, have voluntarily set aside a small amount of money for each person who joined one of their trips. Then, on 25 November 2009, in the spirit of responsible tourism, they contributed the latest amassed total of 80,880 South African rand (approximately US$11,000)…


Circum-Swazi: A Human-Powered Circumnavigation of the Kingdom of Swaziland

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 12 August 2009

On 11 August 2009, Darron Raw, the whl.travel local partner in Swaziland, along with his friend Johan Radcliffe of Dirty Boots, took the first steps on Circum-Swazi, a human-powered anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Swaziland in search of hassle-free Africa.

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