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Photo of the Week: Underneath the Baobab Tree, Western Kruger, South Africa

  • Induna Adventures (Photo) Jaco Lubbe (Text)
  • 22 April 2012

This gigantic, magnificent, old-as-time and – some would say – upside-down tree is known as the baobab. A symbol of endurance, strength and conservation. While you are likely to be taken aback by its presence and history, it also gives an exciting feeling of freedom and inspires a desire to explore, as many generations before have done.


Photo of the Week: Tudo é Jazz Festival, Ouro Preto, Brazil

  • André Franchini (photo and text)
  • 10 July 2011

This year, Ouro Preto’s Festival Tudo é Jazz will pay homages to Tom Jobim, the great master of Brazilian music. In its 10th year, the festival usually brings jazz fans from all over Brazil, who gather around a few stages erected around the town.


Photo of the Week: Fish of Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu

  • John Nicholls (photo and text)
  • 7 May 2011

Looking at the world from a reflected perspective can produce far superior images than one’s attempt at orchestrating it. Reflections can completely alter the image from something fairly straightforward to a more artistic, whimsical abstract. I especially like using water, as the liquid medium not only reflects but absorbs light in space, often with subject matter suspended in that potential energy.


Photo of the Week: The Forgotten Kingdom of Tavolara, Sardinia, Italy

  • ICP (photo), Pier Paolo Canu (text)
  • 18 July 2010

The Italian Island of Tavolara, pictured here from across the waters of the Gulf of Olbia, is beautiful nature at its best. It lies off the coast of the town of Olbia on the northeast coast of Sardinia. Olbia is the main destination for ferries arriving from mainland Italy, so Tavolara is often among the first sights seen by visitors to Sardinia.

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