Germany’s Green Frankfurt Airport Transfers by Eco-Limo

  • Paul Tavner
  • 8 July 2011

Located in the southwestern state of Hesse, Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth-largest city. Importantly, it stands astride the river Main, which traces a distinctive curves through it. The Main’s waters are home to a variety of boats and barges, used for both business and pleasure, and a stroll along its banks or over its bridges is a simple pleasure that anyone can enjoy. So key is the river to Frankfurt that it is used in the city’s full name – Frankfurt-am-Main, or Frankfurt on the Main.

The distinctive modern skyline of Frankfurt, Germany

The sun sets behind the distinctive modern skyline of Frankfurt, Germany. Photo courtesy of Flickr/loop_oh

Getting Around Greenwise

Arriving for the first time in this city, visitors often overlook the river and comment on Frankfurt’s distinctive skyline. The large number of skyscrapers – a rarity in Europe – gives the city a modern and dynamic edge. The towering structures also reflect Frankfurt’s significance as a city of business. The financial institutions that have grown up on the banks of the Main are some of the most important in Europe, let alone in Germany, and have brought great wealth to the area.

Whether one visits cosmopolitan Frankfurt for business or pleasure, we strongly recommend taking extra time to explore this scenic and accessible riverside metropolis. Fortunately, Frankfurt is served by its own international airport: a sleek, modern building thoroughly in keeping with its home city’s love of arts and architecture. Located some 12 kilometres outside the metropolitan centre, FIA is one of the busiest airports in Europe.

It is also well-serviced by ground transportation and transfer companies. Better than any ordinary Frankfurt airport transfer operator, however, is Eco-Limo, dedicated to conducting its business in environmentally-friendly fashion. And now this company with a unique angle on the transfers business is finding new markets through a partnership with the Green Path Transfers global network of local eco-friendly airport transfer partners and ground transportation operators.

Logo for Eco-Limo, the Green Path Transfers partner in Frankfurt, Germany

A subsidiary of Limo-X, Eco-Limo is the Green Path Transfers local partner in Frankfurt, Germany

A Greener Ride

Jochen Mayer, owner of Eco-Limo, has a lot of experience when it comes to transfers. He began his career as a taxi driver in Berlin while studying for a degree. Following the completion of his studies, Mayer got more involved in the management side of transfers and, in the year 2000, founded his first company making use of vehicles powered by natural gas.

Upon moving to Frankfurt in 2007, Mayer established Limo-X with his business partner Giso Dietl and, having a self-described “green heart and a belief in sustainable transportation,” he also set up a subsidiary named Eco-Limo to focus solely on high- class service certified as gold standard climate-neutral by First Climate.

Mayer considers Frankfurt, as a city, to be more or less as green as any other destination. However, while many businesses have environmental commitments under ISO accreditation, there is still more to be done in terms of improving the day-to-day behaviour of individuals. As Mayer says, “sustainability is yet becoming bigger and bigger. That’s why we think environmental friendly transportation will have a good future.”

Older and more unique buildings are still visible in Frankfurt, Germany

Despite suffering serious damage in the Second World War, some older and more unique buildings are still visible in Frankfurt, Germany. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Chris Yunker

Eco-Limo’s fleet is made up of Toyota Priuses, Volvo V70s and Mercedes E-Classes. The latter cars have been specially converted to run on natural gas, while the Prius’ hybrid technology is known around the world for the best CO2 values in its class. Eco-Limo is also a fully invested member of the Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management (B.A.U.M. Ee.V.), Germany’s leading environmental management and sustainable development network.

Local Favourites in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is definitely not only about business. It lays claim to a vibrant and exciting cultural side, including a collection of outstanding museums and vibrant arts institutions. It also plays host to a number of festivals and major events throughout the year. The internationally renowned Städel art museum, for example, has one of the best collections in Europe. This is a city that loves its museums enough to throw an annual party – the Museumsuferfest, to celebrate them.

In terms of local tips, Mayer recommends the usual sightseeing locations such as Paulskirche and Goethe’s birth house, both very popular. But for visitors with more time to spend, he always suggests a drive to the Rhine Valley for wine tasting. The nearby town of Heidelberg is also very popular and provides plenty of old world charm.

A park in the heart of the Bankenviertel, or financial district, of Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany, boasts many quiet green spaces, such as this one in the heart of the Bankenviertel, or financial district. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Matthias Schack

With its modern, progressive outlook and love of culture and conservation, Frankfurt seems like the perfect destination for green transfers to take off. Thanks to Eco-Limo’s new partnership with Green Path Transfers, visitors from around the world can now secure their eco-friendly transfer solution in advance.

Together, the “green hearts” of Frankfurt are certainly beating stronger than ever.

To learn more about Green Path Transfers and how to be part of carbon-neutral travel arrangements that emphasise green technology in a growing number of destinations around the globe, visit www.GreenPathTransfers.com.

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