Green Travel in Lithuania with The Beautiful Land of Nevermind

  • Kamran Marwah
  • 14 September 2011

In Lithuania, the cities of Vilnius and Klaipeda are different in many ways, but they share one important goal with respect to the environment: Today, travellers can tread lightly when it comes to the impact of ground transportation. Thanks to The Beautiful Land of Nevermind and its responsible transfer services, corporate and leisure travellers can make eco-friendly transportation choices when visiting this beautiful country.

The Beautiful Land of Nevermind Citroen Jumpy minivan in Vilnius, Lithuania

This Citroen Jumpy Business 2.0 HDi at the Akropolis shopping center in Vilnius, Lithuania, is one of The Beautiful Land of Nevermind's two minivans. Photo courtesy of the The Beautiful Land of Nevermind

Two Cities

The impact of a rich and tumultuous history can be felt throughout Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Located in the country’s southeast, Vilnius is a superb example of a place where everything has been influenced by different and ever-changing artistic and cultural currents. Its many churches stand as proof of this with their Renaissance, Classical, Gothic and Baroque architectural styles, while the picturesque medieval Old Town of Vilnius, one of the largest in Europe, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

In contrast to Vilnius, Klaipeda is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the country’s northwest and serves as its main sea port. Small and quaint, it also has an enchanting old town with its own blend of architectural styles and peculiarities. Of particular noteworthiness though is the region’s geological wonder: the Curonian Spit. Also listed as a World Heritage Site, this thin strip of sand dunes stretches for over 98 kilometres and separates the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Lagoon.

Kestas and Vilija canoeing on Ula river in Lithuania

Kestas and Vilija of The Beautiful Land of Nevermind enjoy other forms of transport too. Here they are canoeing on the Ula River in Lithuania. Photo courtesy of The Beautiful Land of Nevermind

One Company

The Beautiful Land of Nevermind was founded in 2005 by Kestas and Vilija as an inbound travel agency focusing on accommodation and tours for independent travellers. Since then, the business has grown and acquired a reputation as a leader in promoting responsible travel and local forms of tourism in Lithuania.

Aside from being genuinely friendly and helpful, Kestas and Vilija also are very knowledgeable about their homeland, capable of pointing you toward the unique off-the-beaten-track adventures, authentic local experiences and hidden gems of Lithuania.

Recently, in a response to increasing customer demand for greener and more fuel-efficient ground transportation, Kestas and Vilija expanded their existing car-rental and transfers business to include airport and intercity shuttle service. As an important environmental step, they decided to partner with Green Path Transfers, a far-reaching global network of eco-friendly airport transfer and ground transportation operators.

Curonian Spit of Lithuania seen from space

A view of the Curonian Spit of Lithuania as seen from space in 2006. The Baltic Sea is to the west and the Curonian Lagoon to the east. Courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory

Going Green

Building an eco-friendly fleet of vehicles has become an important goal of The Beautiful Land of Nevermind’s burgeoning ground transfers business. The company currently owns and operates two vehicles that run on diesel, a vital first step in reducing carbon emissions when compared to those from regular petrol engines. Through the Green Path Transfers 100% carbon-offset policy, all remaining emissions produced are neutralised.

In addition, Kestas and Vilija share a determination to pursue even greener forms of transport; they plan to convert entirely to hybrid vehicles in the near future. Of course, this commitment to going greener is in no way a compromise on service quality or attention for detail. “We’re always adding a personal touch to the transfer – our company’s drivers speak fluent English and are always trying to be extra helpful to travellers,” remarked Kestas. “We provide top-quality service without compromise, because we are travellers ourselves and treat our clients the same way we would like to be treated.”

“For these reasons and many others, we are excited at the opportunity to work with The Beautiful Land of Nevermind in Lithuania,” said Adrian Cordiner, CEO of Green Path Transfers.

Local Sights

The airport and inter-city transfer services provided by The Beautiful Land of Nevermind are available in all Baltic States, although there’s an understandable focus on the Lithuanian cities of Vilnius and Klaipeda, where vehicles are also available for sightseeing and touring.

Where should you go? Kestas recommends the historic town of Trakai, an easy day trip from Vilnius. Located 28 kilometres from the capital, it is a place where locals like to relax around quiet lakes, enjoy outdoor concerts and stroll through Trakai Castle’s stone passageways to reflect on its turbulent history.

Not far from Klaipeda is the rustic village of Nida on the Curonian Spit. Home to approximately 2,000 people, the village is known for its surrounding sand dunes and UNESCO-listed World Heritage forests. The views truly are magnificent as one contemplates the Baltic Sea to the west and the Curonian Lagoon to the east.

Finally, how about joining The Beautiful Land of Nevermind in trying one of the local culinary specialties? Skilandis is a pig’s stomach stuffed with meat and then smoked to perfection. Feeling adventurous?

To learn more about Green Path Transfers and how to be part of carbon-neutral travel arrangements that emphasise green technology in a growing number of destinations around the globe, visit www.GreenPathTransfers.com

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