Photo of the Week: Kyoto Annual Archery Festival, Kyoto, Japan

  • Aaron Davis (Photo and Text)
  • 29 July 2012

Kyoto is a city that lends itself to festivals, and there are numerous possibilities for exploration during these many great festivals due to the honouring of traditions and ancient events.

Sanjusangen-do is a surreal temple complex, home to 1001 statues of Kannon (the bodhisattva of compassion whose name, incidentally, was later taken up by the camera company Canon) and an annual archery festival.

Photo of the Week (29 July 2012): Kyoto Annual Archery Festival, Kyoto, Japan

The festival has origins 400 years ago and is held near Coming of Age Day in Japan so the young women turning 20 in the coming year compete in a furisode, a kimono for an unmarried woman.

The competitors must have attained the first-level dan belt in Japanese archery, so there are high-level standards throughout the competition, which takes place on the stunning grounds of the temple.

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