Photo of the Week: Making of the Prayer Wheel, Sikkim, India

  • Yogita Ranapaheli (photo and text)
  • 12 June 2011

Buddhism is one of the major religions practised in Sikkim and consequently the area has many fine Buddhist monasteries, stupas and learning centres. These structures not only reflect local traditions, culture and values, but also add to the beauty of the hilly landscape. The prayer flags fluttering on the hilltops, a distant resonance of the chanting prayers, the trailing scent of the rhododendron wood incense; all make the whole area very magical.

Photo of the Week (12 June 2011) - Making of the Prayer Wheel, Sikkim, India

One of the main features of the monasteries is the prayer wheel, found in lines on the monastery premises. Pilgrims coming to the monastery make a point of turning these wheels, for it is believed that a prayer is released with every rotation of the wheel. The picture here is of one such wheel in the making. The artist is painting the prayer om mani padme hum on it, which is a very popular Buddhist mantra said to increase the effect of a prayer.

This picture was taken at Rumtek Monastery, which is a very important monastery in Sikkim, as it also functions as the Dharmachakra Centre for learning and attaining spiritual accomplishment. Located 24 kilometres from Gangtok, the monastery receives many visitors and is widely regarded as a must-see sight in Sikkim.

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Yogita Ranapaheli

Yogita Ranapaheli is Media and Communication Manager at Tathagata Journeys, the whl.travel local connection to Darjeeling, Sikkim and Varanasi. She is a trained media professional and loves to travel. She also loves capturing moments of her travel on her camera and occasionally puts up an exhibition in Sikkim. Having grown up in the beautiful town of Sikkim, she has seen how well Sikkim has promoted tourism over time and is proud to be a part of it.
Yogita Ranapaheli
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