Photo of the Week: The Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Teamworkz (Photo) Lee Sheridan (Text)
  • 13 March 2011

I have been travelling in, through and around Bangkok for 10-plus years now and had never been to the the Damneon Saduak Floating Market, which lies about a one-hour drive outside of Bangkok. Hearing it was a big tourist trap I had ignored it for years.

Having some family visitors who wanted to see it forced my hand though and off we went. We left early (around 6am) and were there by 8am – stopping along the way at a small coconut factory at a local house, where coconuts could be seen being made into pretty much everything from homemade sweets to bedside lamps.

Photo of the Week (13 March 2011) - The Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

A breakfast of noodle soup supplied on the canal-side from a woman floating by in her boat was delicious; we were happy to have gotten up early to avoid most of the crowds. We hired a small paddle boat (from which this photo was taken) and drifted slowly in between the stalls and boats.

As expected, by 10am the place had more farangs (foreigners) than locals, and with the locals already looking to pack up and go home, we bought as much fresh fruit as we could carry and headed off.

While the Damneon Saduak Floating Market is on the well-worn tourist path, it is still worth a visit. Some tips to improve your visit:

  • Get there early, before 8am. By 9-10am it fills up with tourists and by 11am the market is shutting down.
  • Don’t expect a ‘traditional market’ – this is a fun market to visit, but it has developed into a major tourist attraction.
  • There is a lot of tacky souvenirs for sale – it is an experience to visit and explore – but not a place for high quality handicrafts.
  • Try the food stalls – the local food is great!
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  1. anhhh says:

    Floating market is commonly seen in SE Asia. I saw a lot when I visited Halong bay. People seems to sell everything on the floating boat. That kind of market is really convenient and exciting.

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