Riveting Hurghada, Egypt’s Red Sea Resort Town, Is a whl.travel Place to Go

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  • 1 June 2012

Dusted in the golden sands of the Red Sea coast, the popular resort town of Hurghada is the perfect place to visit for a beach holiday in Egypt. Visitors flock here from all over the world to relax on Hurghada’s fine beaches and swim in its turquoise waters, notably full of intriguing coral formations and schools of colourful fish. Hurghada is also one of the best places in Egypt for water-sports enthusiasts.

Diving the coral reefs, Hurghada, Egypt

Water sports are the most popular attraction of Hurghada, Egypt. The undersea attractions include fragile coral reefs and colourful fish. Photo courtesy of Magby Abdel Ghany

Water is, in fact, the main draw for visitors to Hurghada, because of the plethora of water-based activities to keep everyone busy and happy. If getting wet during an afternoon of swimming, snorkelling, diving or surfing isn’t quite for you, though, there are alternative ways to experience the fascinating undersea world of the Red Sea – on a glass-bottom boat or a Hurghada submarine tour. For a taste of the open ocean, a full-day fishing excursion is another great option.

This abundance of daytime activities for the young, and the range of top-quality restaurants and nightlife nightlife options for the young at heart, also make Hurghada an especially good location for families.

desert safari, Hurghada, Egypt

While Hurghada, Egypt, is flanked on one side by the sea, the rest of its perimeter abuts desert. WHL Egypt offers specialised 4x4 desert safari tours during which visitors connect firsthand with locals who live in it. Photo courtesy of Sherry Espanola

Prior to the 1970s, however, Hurghada was little more than a small, quiet fishing village. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the area’s water-sports potential came to light, drawing investors from around the region. As Hurghada quickly grew into a resort centre, its tourism infrastructure strengthened. Today there are dozens of top-notch Hurghada resorts, many of which balance the area’s growing development against a commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. The Golden Five Paradise Resort, for example, enforces strict water-sports regulations designed to protect the fragile coral reefs that line its beaches. Similarly, the Three Corners Sunny Beach Hotel encourages guests to take part in the conservation and environmental care process by following energy-saving measures in their electricity and water usage.

Despite its modern history as a contemporary resort town, Hurgada is within easy reach of ancient history. Classic Hurghada tours include exploring Cairo and the iconic pyramids of Giza, taking a desert safari and experiencing local Bedouin life.

local market, Hurghada, Egypt

When the hot afternoon sun dips low in the sky, the focus in Hurghada,Egypt, shifts from its beaches to its streets. Filled with local markets, restaurants, cafes and bars, they offer plenty to see and do. Photo courtesy of Passion Leica

Tourism expert and owner of WHL Egypt, Sherif Abd Elwahab, is excited to have launched Hurghada as a whl.travel portal, saying “As we at WHL Egypt continue to find ways to promote sustainable and responsible tourism, we appreciate our continued association with whl.travel as a like-minded organisation.” Mr. Elwahab suggests that you experience Egypt’s beaches and its ancient history – the best of both worlds – by combining your Hurghada beach time with a trip to Luxor and its ancient monuments and temples.

Hurghada joins the growing list of whl.travel destinations in Egypt, including Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Aswan and Luxor, Safaga, Ein Sokhna, Port Said and Alexandria.

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