Ski-Lifts Ltd. Paves a Green Path with Ride-Share Service to Slopes Across Europe

  • Cynthia Ord
  • 2 November 2011

Given the reality of climate change today, ski and snow tourism has a lot at stake. In fact, anyone who loves icy summits surely doesn’t want to see them affected. For these fields of white to survive, however, it’s up to travel consumers to take action in ways like leading or participating in efforts to reduce harmful carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

One such effort has been initiated by Ski-Lifts Ltd., an airport transfer and ground transportation operator with its operational headquarters in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps. Now also in cooperation with the global, eco-friendly transport network called Green Path Transfers, Ski-Lifts Ltd. has found a cleaner and greener way to transport skiers from airports to the slopes all over Europe.

green path transfers ski-lifts ltd Morzine

The stunning slopes of Morzine, France, are just one of many ski destinations that Ski-Lifts Ltd. serves with its innovative airport transfer service. Photo courtesy of flickr/eGuide Travel

The Idea: Fewer Empty Seats

Ski-Lifts Ltd. saw an opportunity when its founders noticed the large number of empty seats on private ski shuttles and microbuses between area airports and the French Alpine ski slopes. They knew that this represented a lot of waste and missed opportunity, especially at a time when resourcefulness and cooperation should be part of every business’s credo.

So Ski-Lifts Ltd. devised a streamlined way for skiers to book individual seats on vehicle with the knowledge that they would share the ride with others travelling at approximately the same time. Ski-Lifts Ltd. also started offering larger vehicles (with passenger capacities of up to 53 seats) in order to cut down on the number of engines on the road.

Ski-Lifts Ltd. is headquartered in the town of Morzine in the French Alps. The company began by offering airport transfers to and from Geneva, Switzerland, which remains its busiest transport hub. Today, however, after five years of business growth and success, Ski-Lifts Ltd. has expanded its network to resorts all over Europe. It offers the widest range of ski-resort transfers in the world, connecting outdoor sports enthusiasts to their destinations from 32 airports in Europe, Canada and the United States, as well as train stations in Europe.

green path transfers ski-lifts ltd Vanoise_Express_Paradiski

Ski-Lifts Ltd. greens your transit from the airport to the Vanoise Express ski lift in the Paradiski area in France. Photo courtesy of wikimedia/Parisdreux

Cooperation Is Key

A critical quality of the Ski-Lifts Ltd. model is cooperation with other companies. After all, rather than two businesses running two half-filled buses, it makes financial and environmental sense for both companies to fill just one. Ski-Lifts Ltd. also coordinates with local operators at various resorts to avoid long-distance trips between resorts with no passengers at all.

Ski-Lifts Ltd. even fosters cooperation between passengers. For example, in 2010, a shared transfer service was launched from one of the train stations in Cluses, France, to a nearby ski resort. Carbon-conscious skiers were offered a choice between the ski train (which often fills up) and sharing a Ski-Lifts Ltd. vehicle.

Partnering with Green Path Transfers

For a business like Green Path Transfers, Ski-Lifts Ltd. is a perfect partner, one that shares a vision of eco-friendly airport transfer services available across the globe (Green Path Transfers is now anchored in more than 100 destinations).

As Adrian Cordiner, CEO of Green Path Transfers, puts it, “Our partnership with Ski-Lifts Ltd. is a small step in trying to help preserve the pristine environments in which they operate.”

green path transfers ski-lifts ltd Espace Killy

A skier admires the landscape of Espace Killy, one of the most popular destinations in France serviced by Ski-Lift Ltd. Photo courtesy of wikimedia/Jmex

For its part, Ski-Lifts Ltd. has high hopes about the new partnership and its potential for the upcoming ski season. The Ski-Lifts Ltd. team was very interested in Green Path Transfers when word of it first reached the office. “It is our firm belief that cooperative alliances between companies is the future for this industry and that is why we are keen to be involved,” commented Richard Smith on behalf of the Ski-Lifts Ltd. crew. “We’re now approaching our high season and we’re looking forward to seeing what this partnership will yield. We’re hoping for big things!”

To learn more about Green Path Transfers and how to be part of carbon-neutral travel arrangements that emphasise green technology in a growing number of destinations around the globe, visit www.GreenPathTransfers.com.

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Cynthia Ord

Cynthia Ord discovered the WHL Group while interning with the local partner Outdoor Albania for a summer. She is currently based in her hometown of Denver, Colorado, helping out with The Travel Word newsletter, and planning her next trip. On the side, she writes about the impacts of tourism for her blog, tourism, people and the earth.
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