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National Holidays: Experiential Travel at Its Best

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 4 July 2012

The (northern hemisphere) summer holiday season is now well and truly upon us, complete with major celebrations. Independent travellers with a particular penchant for direct, deep and engaging discovery – something sometimes called experiential travel – of new lands and cultures often wrap their travel plans around these happenings. Here are some of our favourites.


The Curious Carnival Celebration of Curitiba, Brazil

  • Guilherme Mendes Thomaz
  • 23 February 2011

Carnival is hands down Brazil’s biggest and most popular party. Most people have already heard about the famous celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other cities in the northeast like Salvador and Recife. In Curitiba, capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná and the biggest city in southern Brazil, Carnival happens a little bit differently. The party – a big hit – is called Pré-Carnaval de Curitiba, meaning a ‘warm-up’ for Carnival.


Top Five Carnival Celebrations Outside Brazil

  • WHL Group
  • 2 February 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has a well-deserved reputation as host of the biggest Carnival celebration in the world. Nowhere else on earth is this gloriously wanton Christian holiday of feasting before fasting quite as grand in scale. In fact, all over Brazil, wild and massive celebrations compete for the Carnival spotlight. This makes it easy to forget that Carnival is celebrated with the same passion and gusto in many other parts of the world as well!


The Inside Word on… Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Luiz Renato
  • 8 January 2011

With so many destinations in the WHL Group’s ever-expanding network, we have an incredible wealth of local travel information at our fingertips. Through the Inside Word, our local partners – all travel experts – share their top tips on what to do, what to eat, where to party and where to shop in their necks of the woods. Here we dish up some superb local hints from Luiz Renato, the whl.travel local connection in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Photo of the Week: ‘Boules’ of Naoussa’s Carnival Festival in Northern Greece

  • Thanasis Paparnakis (Photo and Text)
  • 12 December 2010

The mask (Pròsopos) is the most important element of the costume used for the ‘Boules’ traditional carnival custom in Naousa, Imathia, Northern Greece. The exact history of this custom is not clear, but there are many indications that it is connected with the ancient festivals for welcoming spring during which Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine, was honoured.


Photo of the Week: St. Antonio’s Celebration, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Virginie Grimault (Photo and Text)
  • 21 November 2010

This picture was taken on a tour to the oldest part of Lisbon called Alfama. It was not on the main day – June 13 – when the annual feast of St. Antonio is celebrated, but some days later. June in Lisbon is the month of animation, celebration and parties, all of which are held in the street. The streets retain the festive appearance you see here for the whole month.

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