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My House Is Your House: Unique Homestays Around the World

  • Laurel Angrist
  • 2 July 2012

No matter where you travel – the saying goes – there’s still no place like home. Luckily, for many travellers, it’s now possible to forgo run-of-the mill hotel stays in favour of a night (or more) spent with a local family. Commonly known as ‘homestays,’ such local travel opportunities offers win-win outcomes for both travellers and their hosts. Considering a sustainable alternative to staying in a hotel? Here are five of our favourite cultural homestays that offer enriching travel experiences while also improving local livelihoods.


Photo of the Week: The Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Teamworkz (Photo) Lee Sheridan (Text)
  • 13 March 2011

I have been travelling in, through and around Bangkok for 10-plus years now and had never been to the the Damneon Saduak Floating Market, which lies about a one-hour drive outside of Bangkok. Hearing it was a big tourist trap I had ignored it for years. Having some family visitors who wanted to see it forced my hand though and off we went


Photo of the Week: Delicacies of the Tashkent Bazaar, Uzbekistan

  • Valeriy Bukharov (Photo) Alexei Bukharov (Text)
  • 19 September 2010

There are several big bazaars in the city and most of them still function just the way they did hundreds of years ago, although, of course, they pay proper attention to sanitation and food safety. Traditionally, bazaars are not only the place to buy food, but also, and more importantly, to socialise, hear the latest news and bargain vigorously.

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