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Miraculous El Sauce, Nicaragua

  • Rachel Eagan
  • 2 May 2013

Years of war and corruption have left the breathtaking landscape of Nicaragua pitted with pockets of poverty. In the United States, 4Walls Project has for the past five years been helping to build safe, sustainable housing for underprivileged families in El Sauce, sleepy cowboy town. What started as a two-woman project has quickly blossomed into a yearly pilgrimage for volunteers from all across the United States.


Hosting a Sports “Mega-Event”: Promises, Promises

  • Cynthia Ord
  • 17 September 2010

When I was in London on July 6, 2005, the city was celebrating. After a long bidding campaign to host the 2012 summer Olympics, the International Olympic Committee had declared it the winner. On the subway, everyone was buzzing and smiling until an old bearded man got on board and started nay-saying. He made an impression on me, so I decided to look into the expectations surrounding this year’s most recent mega-event, the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

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