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Family Travel Unyear, Days 4-5 (Sept 17-18): Chicago

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 28 September 2016

Our family travel continues! We bid Beverly Shores a tearful adieu, board the South Shore Line and journey straight into downtown Chicago, where we meet excellent old friends and visit the city.


Photo of the Week: The Children of Yakel Village, Tanna, Vanuatu

  • John Nicholls (Photo and Text)
  • 7 August 2011

Living what some outsiders would consider a feral existence is normal to the children of Yakel, a ‘Kastom’ village on the island of Tanna in the Vanuatu archipelago. The settlement is referred to locally as a Nambas village – the Nambas being the sole item of apparel worn by men, hiding their private parts. This means that the village rejects everything introduced by the Western world. The children will never go to school. Their clothing, food and entertainment will be provided solely by the forest in which they live.


Photo of the Week: Young Footballers, Malawi

  • Dominic Webb (Photo) Kate Webb (Text)
  • 29 May 2011

This scene offers a glimpse of Malawi’s love for football, which is especially pronounced in its children. While Manchester United appear to be one of the favourites, the young striker shown here proudly displays the colours of Barcelona and will surely be over the moon that his team were crowned UEFA Cup champions yesterday!

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