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Experiencing Brazil from a Local’s Perspective

  • whl.travel
  • 9 July 2012

The Travel Word asked its partners in Brazil the following question: “If you were hosting a visitor in your city for only one day, what single experience would be central for that visitor to come away with a deeper understanding of your city and your country?” The responses were fantastically varied, highlighting the great diversity that underpins Brazil and its people, cities and cultures.


Can Ecotourism Help Save Endangered Species?

  • Laurel Angrist
  • 22 May 2012

We’ve all visited neglected, underfunded and high-traffic tourist parks where wild and endangered animals have become almost tame. Sites such as these, where regulations are inadequately enforced, are unfortunately far too common. On the sunny flip side of this is well-planned ecotourism, the kind that helps conserve many outdoor and wilderness spaces that may be a last hope for endangered species.


The Sizzling Spring Festival in Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

  • Fabiana Massoquette
  • 19 July 2011

This year will be the second annual Festival da Primavera, following the smashing success of last year’s inaugural event. The host island of Morro de São Paulo, Brazil, is expected to attract international and Brazilian visitors alike. The Spring Festival started in 2010 to commemorate the municipality Cairu’s 400th anniversary.


Photo of the Week: Ilha da Saudade, Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

  • William Wazlawik (Photo and Text)
  • 24 October 2010

This ‘micro island’ is the Ilha da Saudade, found close to the village of Morro de São Paulo on the east coast of Brazil. It is technically only an island at high tide as the waters rise to cover the land bridge that joins it to the Second Beach of Tinharé Island. The island’s name is usually translated as “homesickness island” (although ‘saudade’ does not translate into English easily).


World Tourism Day: Tourism – Celebrating Diversity

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 27 September 2009

On 27 September 2009, the world commemorates World Tourism Day for the 30th time. World Tourism Day is an annual focus on tourism-themed events identified by the UN General Assembly on the recommendation of the Executive Council of the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). It is hosted each year in a new country. The 27th…


Humpback Whale Conservation in Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

  • Ashley Hiemenz
  • 2 September 2009

Elegant, mysterious and enormous, the humpback whale is utterly breathtaking when seen up close for the first time. With their enigmatic singing and endearing gentleness, these magnificent beasts have continued to perplex and allure travellers from around the globe, wishing to behold these nomadic mammals during their epic migrations. Marine experts estimate that a humpback…

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