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Responsible Travel and Malaria: Expert Answers to Your Questions

  • Staff of Malaria.com
  • 27 May 2011

Malaria kills upward of 800,000 people a year, and there can be as many as 300 million cases at any one time around the world. Malaria is on the rise, but you can still travel safely and enjoy the mystery and beauty of the world. Responsible travellers are cautious and prepared travellers, those who carefully research the health risks they might encounter before they venture off their front porches and into the world’s embrace. Malaria.com exists for these responsible travellers.


Travel as a Spiritual Experience

  • Kenji Crosland
  • 9 December 2010

The first time I stepped into St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican, I remember feeling overwhelmed by its beauty. The domed ceiling was so immense, so beautiful, so adorned with murals from master artists and tons of marble, gold and other precious materials, that for a few precious moments I found myself dumbstruck. When I write about it now, even though I’ve forgotten much about what the ceiling actually looked like, I still remember that feeling.

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