whl.travel Welcomes Travellers to the Mystical Culture and Highlands of Tibet

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  • 28 October 2011


Perched on the roof of the world is the astounding region of Tibet, one of those lands that most people only dream of visiting. At an average elevation of 4,900 metres above sea level, Tibet encompasses the world’s highest plateau, some of the oldest and most guarded places on earth, crystal-clear lakes, ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries, and a skyline made remarkable by the world’s tallest mountains.

Pilgrim, Tibet

Tibetan men and women can be seen on the country's pilgrimage roads almost every day of the year. Photo courtesy of Wong Jiawang

Once you are settled in your comfortable accommodation in the capital city of Lhasa, there is a stunning range of things to see and do in Tibet. Given the vastness of the territory and the transport challenges, most sites are most easily enjoyed while on a Tibet tour.

For example, take in the venerable monasteries in the historical cities of Lhasa, Shigatse and Gyantse on a Tibet Cultural Exploration or join the pilgrims on a visit to lakes Namtso and Yamdrok Yumtso, considered holy by Buddhists. Of course, not to be missed is a hike to the world-famous Everest Base Camp, just one of the many awe-inspiring trekking tours in Tibet .

The unique culture of the Tibetans has for the most part been well preserved due to their isolation from the rest of the world for both geographical and political reasons. It was only in the 1980s that Tibet opened its doors to tourism. Since then travel has been a key factor in its development.

Lamas, Tibet

Lamas in Tibet stay fit like everyone else. Here they are exercising and practicing their martial arts, just one way of debating. Photo courtesy of Wong Jiawang

Technically speaking, Tibet is an autonomous region of China and travel to Tibet is regulated by the Chinese government. All travellers therefore need Chinese visas and special permits, as well as a complete package tour to travel around Tibet.

To help with that, whl.travel has partnered with Tibet Travel Professionals, the online arm of the International Department of Lhasa ChangThang Yak Travel Service, a local Tibetan travel agency based out of Chengdu, China.

Mr. Liu Anbing and the rest of his team at Tibet Travel Professionals have been organising complete Tibet travel packages for foreign visitors since 2005, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free trip to this ancient realm. The company strongly believes in responsible travel and authentic experiences. Many of their Tibet tours involve interaction with Tibetan families, shopping for local products and sustainable environmental practices.

“We feel very excited about the launch of Tibet-tours-travel.com,” commented Mr. Liu. “whl.travel has been very patient and helpful in building the site.”

Tibet is joins Lijiang as whl.travel’s destinations associated with the People’s Republic of China.







严格来讲西藏是中国的一个自治区,由中国政府管理西藏的旅游。 所有外国游客需持有中国签证和入藏许可证件,并参加当地的旅游行程在藏旅游。

Mountain, Tibet

Tibet's high-elevation mystical landscape is full of snow-capped mountains like the one pictured here. Photo courtesy of Wong Jiawang

为了方便外国游客入藏旅行,whl.travel 和西藏当地的拉萨强堂亚旅游公司合作,通过其位于中国成都的国际部网络品牌 Tibet Travel Professionals, 为国内外游客提供高质量的旅游服务。

Tibet Travel Professionals 的负责人刘安兵先生和他的团队从2005年起就开始为国外游客组织西藏旅游行程,确保游客在这片古老的土地上旅行顺利,留下难忘的美好回忆。公司坚持以负责任的态度让客人体验一个真正的西藏。公司许多行程都包含了当地藏民家访、自由购买西藏当地产品并注重旅行中的环护措施。

刘先生说“我们很高兴 Tibet-tours-travel.com 即将开始正式运行,whl.travel非常有耐心地帮助我们建立了这个网站。”

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    There’s so many fascinating destinations emerging from the whl.travel network – Tibet I have always wanted to visit, and hope I will get the opportunity soon!

  2. Tibet really still is one of the most exciting countries in the world. Thank you very much for sharing your insights! Hiking to the Everest Base Camp sounds wonderful! Makes me want to pack my bag immediately and to head off to Tibet!

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