“Yes We Can” – The Start of a Slow Tourism Movement

  • Len Cordiner
  • 25 January 2009

We have renamed our blog. “Yes we can” borrows obviously from US President Barack Obama’s mantra used during the 2008 presidential election. There are good reasons for this. First, we, like many others out there, have come to see President Obama as a true leader.

Admittedly he has only just begun to address the challenges that face us; however, up to this point he has inspired us with his vision of a better world. He has given us hope that if we all work together we can solve the problems besetting us. His message …a call to action… is inspirational and it’s inclusive. Hence we want to challenge the entire whl.travel network, our fellow travellers and the suppliers of accommodation and tour product to build tourism anew.

To us the travel industry has much to do. Like so many aspects of Western life over the past 40-50 years, it has been a victim of mass consumerism and greed. In the process the true joys of discovery, learning and sharing have been compromised.

We have ended up addicted to “fast tourism” in the same way we have ended up addicted to “fast food.”

Well, just as there is a powerful SLOW FOOD movement, so too do we now need to build a SLOW TOURISM movement.

Like the slow food movement we want to encourage a kind of tourism that respects local cultures and history, protects the environment and is socially responsible. More than this, however, it is tourism that celebrates diversity, connects people and brings back the joys of discovery, learning and sharing.

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Len Cordiner

In incubating and running numerous companies over 35 years, Len Cordiner has developed a passion for win-win outcomes. Most recently, he has made harnessing the power of the Internet and new communications tools central to his mission to change paradigms in travel, making it more accessible to all. In this vein, founding the WHL Group, of which Len is the CEO, is his latest and most ambitious global business initiative.
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2 Responses to ““Yes We Can” – The Start of a Slow Tourism Movement”

  1. “We have ended up addicted to “fast tourism” in the same way we have ended up addicted to “fast food.”

    I like that quote. It is true, we are addicted to fast tourism. Also coleen i like to visit your site, can you provide me with the link please

  2. colleen says:

    Are you familiar with the Slow Travel website and traveler’s forum? We have been promoting the slow travel philosophy on the web since 2000. There are thousands of reviews and trip reports (travel journals) on the site. Please visit and see! 🙂

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