Majestic Madeira Island is Now a New whl.travel Partner in Portugal

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  • 16 July 2009


The beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira, located off the coast of Morocco, is considered the Pearl of the Atlantic. It truly has it all – magnificent mountain views, spectacular beaches and coastal villages, beautiful waterfalls and gorges, and of course, quaint hotels – as well as a smaller sister islet, called Porto Santo. Together they are perfect for travellers who want to mix things up during a holiday: contact with nature, experiences of unique scenery and special marine environments, and even the rush of the capital city of Funchal. Madeira Island is easily accessible from any city in Europe.

The view from Cabo Girão - the second highest sea cliff in the world - affords wonderful views of the sea, terraced farms and villages below, where cultivation is done entirely by hand since the land areas are too small for either animal or machine and often on the edges of the mountains

whl.travel’s launch of www.madeira-hotels.travel now connects travellers to local destination experts in Madeira: Emilio, Maribel, Guida and the team of Intertours Travel Agency!

“We are aware that the tourism, because of its versatility, is a sector of the market that can help the economic development and social sustainability of an area,” says Emilio about joining the whl.travel network. “Therefore, we want to contribute to a type of tourism that respects our environment. We use new ideas involving our natural resources, specifically places and characteristics unique in our island and our people, which will in turn help to distribute the wealth, energise our local economy and reinforce our social, cultural and environmental potential.”

The Madeira whl.travel portal promises to offer interesting accommodation and tours, especially for travellers with an eye toward making the right kind impact on the local host communities.



Santana is a town in the north of the island, where there are traditional thatched-roof houses. In summer corn is placed on the rooftops to be sun dried before being ground into corn meal.

Santana is a town in the north of the island, where there are traditional thatched-roof houses. In summer corn is placed on the rooftops to be sun dried before being ground into corn meal.

Uma bonita ilha em Portugal, considerada a Pérola do Atlântico.

A Ilha da Madeira é facilmente acessível através de qualquer cidade da Europa. A ilha realmente tem de tudo – praias, montanhas e as cidades – perfeita para viajantes que gostam de fazer variadas coisas durante as suas férias. Com magnificas vistas montanha, espectaculares costas marítimas, cachoeiras, desfiladeiros, belas e pitorescas aldeias e fantásticos hoteis. É uma ilha perfeita para ser desfrutada por eco-visitantes de todas as idades.

Recentemente o whl.travel lançou o site www.madeira-hotels.travel, que liga agora os visitantes a experientes prestadores de serviços na Madeira, Emílio, Maribel e Guida, bem como toda a sua equipa, da Agência de Viagens Intertours!

Sobre a adesão à rede, Emílio diz que “Estamos conscientes que o turismo, devido à sua versatilidade, é um sector de mercado que pode ajudar o desenvolvimento económico e a sustentabilidade social de uma área. Por isso, queremos contribuir para um tipo de turismo que respeite o ambiente. Nós usamos novas ideias que envolvam os nossos recursos naturais, especialmente locais e as características únicas da nossa ilha e do nosso povo, que, por sua vez ajuda a distribuir a riqueza, a dinamizar a nossa economia e a reforçar o nosso potencial social, cultural e ambiental.”

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