Photo of the Week: Sunday Morning Fish Market, Marsaxlokk, Malta

  • Louisa Attard (Photo) Vanessa Marino (Text)
  • 22 May 2011

Every Sunday morning, a traditional fish market draws many tourists and locals to the small fishing village of Marsaxlokk in southeast Malta. Lampuki, tuna and swordfish are caught in large quantities during the spring and are sold in the market next to other local products, such as fruit and vegetables, clothing, footwear and tourist souvenirs.

Exploring this market offers the opportunity to be a part of the true tradition and lifestyle of the people living in Marsaxlokk. Fishing is the primary occupation of the village’s residents and Malta’s fish supplies are met mainly by what is caught here.

Photo of the Week (22 May 2011) - Sunday Morning Fish Market, Marsaxlokk, Malta

The luzzu boats, pictured above, are perfect examples of an untouched Marsaxlokk tradition. They are painted in the bright colours of red, yellow, blue and green. The colours of the boats have remained unchanged for generations as a result of the superstitions and beliefs of the fisherman who use them. In addition, each boat bears a pair of eyes called the ‘Eyes of Osiris’. This symbol is believed to protect the boats from any ill fate.

These bright boats sail near the harbour area everyday. They look striking and are a huge draw for visitors when exploring the area.

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4 Responses to “Photo of the Week: Sunday Morning Fish Market, Marsaxlokk, Malta”

  1. Marco, thank you very much, yes that was it, Regatta…

  2. Marco says:

    HI Gerard,

    No its not. The one s you see in the image are Luzzus. The ones you mean are sleek and long and are used for the regatta races.


  3. John says:

    Oh how I have dreamed of visiting historic Malta before I die, …all that fascinating architecture. You have reinvigorated my spirit..I can taste that slightly char grilled Swordfish medallion served with lemon butter sauce in one of the wharf side cafes…oops, better get back to work now.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I’m going to have a better day after reading this!…:-)


  4. Hello Louisa and Vanessa, is it on these luzzu’s that the oarsmen can reach very high speed? I saw those men in white in the harbour of Valletta, moving their oar pretty slowly but going very quickly. I don’t remember which boats they were on. Furthermore have you seen my picture \Maltese Eye of Osiris on a Greek Door in Turkey\ at http://www.marmaris-datca.travel/photo under Culture? Thank you for your interesting information and good picture. Good Luck.

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