Savour the Taste of Thailand with Bangkok Food Tours

  • Mika Santos
  • 17 June 2011

Every year, millions of tourists flock to the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. As a major Asian hub for scores of airlines, Bangkok is an ideal starting point for a trip to Thailand, as well as a gateway to discovering the rest of Southeast Asia. Bangkok truly has everything you look for in a city – historic temples, grand palaces, museums, a good transport system, affordable shopping and, of course, amazing food.

Curry Dish, Bangkok Food Tours, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Food Tours visit local eateries that have established themselves as neighbourhood bests. Famous specialties are spotlighted, like the best Royal-recipe green curry in town pictured above. Photo courtesy of Bangkok Food Tours

Promoting the Best in Bangkok

With so much to take in, there are many sightseeing tours in Bangkok through which to maximise your Bangkok holiday. However, if you are in Thailand with a hankering for authentic local experiences, a food tour guarantees something unforgettable. With that in mind, in March 2011, Bangkok Food Tours launched personal food-tasting tours to the city’s best-kept secret food spots.

The idea originated with three Thai friends who were studying in the United States. They would serve authentic Thai food at house parties and receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from their friends. They also observed that, despite the large number of Thai restaurants found in the US, there was still very limited knowledge about Thai food.

Ice cream, Bangkok Food Tours, Bangkok, Thailand

In Thailand, a meal is never completed without a delicious sweet. On the Historic Bangrak Food Tour, traditional Thai coconut ice cream is served. Photo courtesy of Bangkok Food Tours

The Bangkok Food Tours team therefore set out on a mission to show the world that Thai food is more than just pad thai, curries and chicken satay. They started a Facebook page called I love Thai Food through which to bring Thai food-lovers together. They also started a blog called the Thai Food Insider, on which they share local knowledge about Thailand’s best local dishes and the best places to eat in the country.

Local Tours for all Tastes

After travelling extensively and enjoying different cuisines from around the world, the thee Thai friends realised that no one offered comprehensive and truly local food tours in Bangkok. And so Bangkok Food Tours was born, to bring hungry travellers to the most delicious neighbourhoods of Bangkok and inspire them to taste a variety of dishes – from street food and kiosks to local restaurants and even fine dining.

The guided tours also educate travellers about the history behind the dishes, the regions from which they originate  and the local ingredients involved. Take, for example, the Historic Bangrak Food Tasting & Culture Tour. Bangrak is a district at the heart of Bangkok that is home to many old family-run restaurants that have been around for three or four generations. Travellers get to meet a few restaurant owners and learn more about them and their food.

Tourists with Radio Earpieces, Bangkok Food Tours, Bangkok, Thailand

On Bangkok Food Tours, a wireless radio earpiece is given to all participants so that they can hear the tour guide clearly even on noisy streets or if they lag behind a bit to take pictures. Photo courtesy of Bangkok Food Tours

Starting in May 2011, the Chinatown Foodie Walk & Culture Tour started exploring Thailand’s 200-year-old Chinatown, tasting the delicacies and visiting the cultural monuments along the way.

Bangkok Food Tours also offers private group tours for anyone who would like to design their own food trips.

Well aware of the kinds of scams to which travelers fall prey, Bangkok Food Tours is dedicated to quality tour experiences that are worth every penny. The price includes transport costs, the food you will be tasting and any other activity stated on the itinerary. Bangkok Food Tours hate hidden costs as much as everyone else.

Buddhist Temple, Bangkok Food Tours, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Food Tours participants have a chance to visit historical and cultural landmarks along the walking route, like this 200-year-old Buddhist temple. Photo courtesy of Bangkok Food Tours

Giving Back to the Food Community

While the whole Bangkok Food Tours team is happy to educate travellers about the culture and stories behind Thai food, they are also committed to bringing new customers to their favourite hidden food spots in Bangkok. Eventually they will also give part of their profits to local communities in Thailand.

“We started Bangkok Food Tours because in the long run, we would like to become a key player who helps to energise the Thai travel industry with the introduction of innovative travel experiences,” shared Chinawut Chinaprayoon, one of the three creative minds behind the business and a proud homegrown citizen of Bangkok. “We aim to connect local people and local values with travellers, and ultimately to help grow the sustainable tourism sector in the Thai market.”

Food Tours Outside of Bangkok?

While the diverse communities of Bangkok have inspired a wide variety of dishes around which to base tours, future plans include food trips to a other regions.

“We might start with Chiang Mai, as one of us hails from that city,” Chinawut revealed. Despite the excitement, for now they are focusing on building a larger following in Bangkok before branching out.

If you search on the Web for something like “best international food,” Thai cuisine is virtually guaranteed to appear in all top-10-best-foods lists. With the complexity of tastes, the reliance on fresh ingredients and a wide variety of dishes, eating never fails to be a highlight on anyone’s trip to Thailand. On your next trip to Bangkok, try stepping out of the malls and into the streets. Drop the guidebook and get the lowdown from the local food experts at Bangkok Food Tours.

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Mika Santos

Mika Santos is Regional Content Editor and Programme Development Manager for the WHL Group in the Asia-Pacific region. Born and raised in the tropical Philippine Islands, she loves the outdoors and anything to do with the ocean, from surfing and scuba diving to the laid-back lifestyle around it. She also lives to travel in her own country, around Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. She shares her love for the Philippines through photos here.
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  1. Holidays To Thailand says:

    A trip some of Thailand’s floating markets, open air marketplaces where you can see and sample fresh foods, meats and produce from the local would be worth it.
    Did you try the Thai Food Dessert – Bua Loy? This is a favorite Thai dessert among Thai locals.

  2. kattie says:

    walk and drop for tasting the food & visiting historical langmark — it sounds interesting!!

  3. Ashok says:

    What a great idea ? a walkabout tour with great food.

  4. Teamworkz says:

    Thai foods are amazing, and combined with a local walking tour sounds like a great way to spend a few hours.

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