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  • 7 October 2011

Only an hour east of the Egyptian capital of Cairo and just to the south of the city of Suez lies a slice of coastal paradise that traces a gentle curve of the northern Gulf of Suez. Ein Sokhna – derived from the Arabic for ‘hot spring’ and also written Ein Soukhna, Ein Sukhna, Ain Sokhna, Ain Sukhna or el-Soukhna – is a stretch of spectacular beaches that, in the past, was a haven for Egyptians escaping the hustle and bustle of the big cities. However, today word has spread further afield of the ease with which the highlights of Cairo can be mixed with a fabulous coastal holiday. The resorts now welcome an increasing number of foreign travellers every year.

Ein Sokhna Marina, Egypt

At the marina of Ein Sohkhna, Egypt, private yachts come to dock from all over the world. In the background is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area: Porto Marina El Sokhna. Photo courtesy of Ahmed Kaoud

The quality of the beaches of Ein Sokhna stands head and shoulders above that of some of the other more isolated Red Sea resorts, especially when it comes to accessibility. In fact, Ein Sokhna’s proximity to Cairo, site of many key highlights on any Egyptian travel itinerary, adds considerably to the variety of exciting local things to see and do in Ein Sokhna itself. It’s perfectly feasible to spend the morning taking in the majestic wonder of the pyramids and then make the short drive for an afternoon dip in the crystal-clear waters of the gulf.

Ein Sokhna is no exception to the inescapable pull of the ancient world in Egypt though. Nearby are the Monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul, which are thought to be some of the oldest monastic sites in the world and are a key stop on any Ein Sokhna tour. According to religious texts, the Mount of Galala El Bahareya, also close at hand, is the site from which Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea to freedom in the Sinai Peninsula.

Ein Sokhna beach, Egypt

With large umbrellas and reclining chairs sinking into some of the softest sands of the whole Red Sea, the beaches of Ein Sokhna are some of Egypt's best. Photo courtesy of Dusa Stankovic

There is nevertheless no denying that Ein Sokhna’s primary draw is the beach, where revellers can enjoy all the standard water sports, including deep-sea fishing and sailboating over the white-capped waves that break across fabulous dive-worthy coral reefs.

Thanks to a gradual increase in the number of foreign travellers looking to bask along the Red Sea, Ein Sokhna accommodations have kept pace with with steadily rising demand. There are several resort complexes and several more under construction, the larger of them complete with bazaars and malls that are great for souvenir shopping or sampling typical Egyptian cuisine. The Stella Di Mare Sea Club Hotel, for example, has all the extras one could desire on a pampered holiday, including an ideal location overlooking the Red Sea. There are even archery lessons and Latin dance classes!

Ein Sokhna beach cover, Egypt

Shortly before sunset, this lagoon in Ein Sokhna, Egypt, is a secret hardly known even to locals, a perfect place to relax and let the city pressures melt away just one hour by car from Cairo. Photo courtesy of Ahmed Kaoud

Now launching this new whl.travel destination in Egypt, Sherif Abd Elwahab of WHL Egypt said “We are searching the world, not only to sell quality travel products but also to find new innovative ideas. Launching our Ein Sokhna site is a step forward, as we consider Ein Sokhna one of the most important destinations, one from which shore excursions for cruise ship passengers are arranged to Cairo’s well-known attractions. Fortunately, we are an experienced group of travel companies and together we make an outstanding team for assisting travellers with all their Egypt needs.”

www.ainsokhna-shoreexcursions.com is the latest Egyptian travel portal to join the whl.travel family and operates alongside Cairo, Luxor & Aswan, Safaga and Sharm El Sheikh.

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