Video Spotlight: The Economics of Happiness

  • Paul Tavner
  • 9 October 2011

The Economics of Happiness is a recently released documentary that examines some of the most powerful forces that hold sway over our lives. The world, it seems, is moving in two irreconcilable direction simultaneously.

On the one hand, the forces of globalisation and business on an international scale continue to develop, shifting the balance of power away from individuals and into the hands of corporate bodies.

On the other hand, individuals and families are resisting this movement. An increasing number of people have taken a stance against the erosion of individuality and local values, binding together with those in their local areas to reassert their independence and unique characteristics.



The Economics of Happiness film refers to the latter as an economics of ‘localization’ – the process of recognising and promoting the value of local abilities and assets in the face of a rapidly homogenising world.

From a traveller’s perspective, this documentary poses some interesting questions. For example, should we be so quick to jet overseas blithely when our actions contribute to significant environmental problems? On the other hand, without recognition the appeal of local values and regional distinctions, what would be the point of travelling at all? After all, the idea of ‘local travel’ is at the heart of a growing number of mindful travel companies, many of them now associated with something called the Local Travel Movement, a not-for-profit platform started by people from companies founded on a passion for Local Travel and commitment to Local Travel values.

We feel that this film waves some important flags, raises some thoughtful points of discussion for all of us who love to travel, particularly about the reasons that we choose to do so. We hope you feel the same way.

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Paul Tavner

Born and raised in the heart of the British countryside, Paul has lived and worked in London for the last four years. He loves most things about city life, but tries to make regular escapes on travel adventures to maintain his sanity. Paul is Techie-in-chief of the Travel Word and tries his best to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.
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4 Responses to “Video Spotlight: The Economics of Happiness”

  1. They hyped me at “Happiness” but reeled me in with the real.

  2. Peter Richards says:

    This is a great movement…. and a breath of fresh air.

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