Video Spotlight: Seconds of Beauty

  • Paul Tavner
  • 19 February 2012

As we’ve established this month, we’re big fans of slow travel here at The Travel Word. Being able to sit back and let the minutes turn to hours is a huge pleasure.

Without wishing to get too philosophical, however, we also know that time is a relative concept. Anyone who’s ever watched the clock at a minimum wage job definitely knows that feeling.

Yes, minutes dragging by can be an awful sensation but, luckily, relativity works the other way too; single moments can seem to stretch into a blissful eternity.

We like this video, compiled as part of a competition organised by Montblanc, because it really captures the wonder of a collection of moments. Sixty events, each of them one second long, were captured by people from around the world and brought together.

Flashes of life like this somehow feel more personal than even the most heartfelt video journals. It’s almost as if you’re sharing someone else’s memories.

Unfortunately, the competition is now closed, but we look forward to seeing the results.

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Paul Tavner

Born and raised in the heart of the British countryside, Paul has lived and worked in London for the last four years. He loves most things about city life, but tries to make regular escapes on travel adventures to maintain his sanity. Paul is Techie-in-chief of the Travel Word and tries his best to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.
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