Photo of the Week: White Sands and Blue Waters, Mauritius

  • Emmanuel Ramdhony (photo) Maurisun (text)
  • 26 February 2012

The island nation of Mauritius has a special relationship with the sea. Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the island took on special significance for the generations of sailors who relied on it for provisions and the comfort of firm land as a break from their long voyages around the world.

This relationship evolved into the gradual development of the island and, as waves of colonists made themselves at home, the reliance on and importance of the ocean for supplies and communication continued to grow.

Photo of the Week (26 February 2012) - White Sands and Blue Waters, Mauritius

Mauritius continues to enjoy many benefits from its position of relative isolation – including its reputation as a place of exceptional peace and tranquillity – but perhaps the most appreciated gifts of the sea – at least by visitors – are the island’s kilometres of beautiful beaches.

Resorts, such as the one pictured above (the Shanti Maurice A Nira), really make the most of the incredible white sands and turquoise gradients that characterise Mauritian beaches. The resort goes to great lengths to operate in harmony with its surroundings and serves to complement – rather than compete with – the natural beauty of its location. Built using natural materials, the Shanti blends into the landscape perfectly.

Balance with nature is of serious importance to Mauritians. The history of their island is closely associated with one of the most infamous species losses in history. During a period of less than a hundred years, the native Dodo bird was hunted to extinction by colonial sailors and has since become an emblem of mankind’s callousness toward the natural world.

By remembering the mistakes of the past, we are able to look toward a more sustainable future. Resorts, such as the Shanti, are helping to ensure that no more of the precious natural gifts bestowed upon Mauritius go the way of the Dodo.

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