A WHL Group Salute to Women and Travel

  • WHL Group
  • 8 March 2011

International Womens Day logoInternational Women’s Day was first officially celebrated in 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Now, 100 years later, women’s solidarity and successes are celebrated annually on March 8 with growing participation across the globe. In some countries, such has Bulgaria and Vietnam, it is even a national holiday.

Women’s economic, social and political achievements over the past century are certainly reasons to celebrate. At The Travel Word, we are no less proud of the strong women in our network, so as our part in commemorating the accomplishments of women and the International Women’s Day that marks them, in addition to our recent focus on articles about and by women, we’ve collected a series of photos of the women in the WHL Group family.

Our Galleries

When practiced responsibly, travel and tourism create many fulfilling work opportunities for local people, men and women alike. Not surprisingly, the passion for travel that our work fuels also inspires many of the women in our network to become avid travellers themselves. Our photo gallery below pays homage to them, bringing to light how WHL Group women seize chances to travel and enjoy the kinds of experiences that they work so hard to provide for others.

The first photo album is of WHL Group Women on the Move, either solo or together, finding themselves on all sorts of transportation and exploring new settings of all kinds.

The second album features Women in Pure Nature, appreciating the natural assets of a place that are so crucial to protect and preserve for the future.

The third album is a ‘Hats-Off’ Salute to Women and the solutions they’ve found to the unique problem of maintaining a female head of hair while on the road.

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Women on the Move

Women in Pure Nature

‘Hats-Off’ Salute to Women

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WHL Group

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17 Responses to “A WHL Group Salute to Women and Travel”

  1. Hallo Jenny,
    Looking at the history of International Women’s Day, International Labour Day comes closest as nomination for International Men’s Day, but it is about both sexes. Looking at WHAT is celebrated International Man’s Day comes nearest to International Women’s Day. But I do not like the American idea to celebrate International Men’s Day on November 19th, the day A. Lincoln addressed his nation with a speech about how brave the men and boys of America had fought and died in the Civil War. That’s why I came up with a row of humanistic male persons in history to pick one of these men’s birthdays as a date for WHL Group Salute to Men and Travel.

  2. Jenny says:


    I think Gerard missed the point. We are celebrating a hundred years of International Women’s Day. All those men are already celebrities, probably in their own time. This is not to diminish what they have achieved, and yes, celebrate them – not just this week!

    They are lovely pictures.

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