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Family Travel and Winter Experiences

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 23 January 2017

No matter what anyone might say, what truly underpins any parent’s love of family travel and winter is the laughter of a kid dashing through the snow.


The Best Local Travel Pictures of 2012

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 4 January 2013

With another year of pictures under our belt, it’s time again to spotlight our Photo of the Year – an image that most captured the imagination of The Travel Word team and a group of external judges. Like our Photo of the Year 2010 and Photo of the Year 2011, we believe this year’s winning image truly captures the imagination, a glimpse of something uncommon in a very familiar place.


Photo of the Week: A Gondolier on the Job, Venice, Italy

  • Cecilia Cambero (photo and text)
  • 12 October 2012

This picture, showing a gondolier during a work break, was taken near St. Mark’s Square, one of the main tourist spots in Venice, Italy. Although the area is always bustling, with people rushing around the place, this picture reflects one of those quiet moments that you can only glimpse when wandering a few corners off the beaten path, in Venice and elsewhere in Italy.


Can Agritourism Save Small-scale Farming?

  • Cynthia Ord
  • 4 September 2012

For those who are not convinced that a farm tour or farm stay is for them, there’s one side of the story they may not have considered – the supply side. Agritourism brings great benefits to small-scale farmers all over the world. Researchers and policymakers hail this eco-friendly form of tourism as a useful tool for rural development. Here are three ways that agritourism helps small-scale farmers sustain themselves.


Video Spotlight: The Genius of a Place

  • Paul Tavner
  • 18 March 2012

The creative team behind the upcoming film ‘The Genius of a Place’ – a title taken from the works of Alexander Pope – noticed the change that was taking place in Cortona, Italy, and set out to document it. While steps are being taken to mitigate against the damage being done to this particular destination, it serves as an example for other towns likely to be affected by similar issues.


Video Spotlight: Vendemmia – A Documentary About Cinque Terre, Italy

  • Paul Tavner
  • 22 January 2012

This week’s Video Spotlight features the work of film-makers Krista Lee Weller and Sharon Boeckle. The American duo and their team have spent several years documenting the challenges facing the Italian region of Cinque Terre, a beautiful section of the Italian Riviera that has been strained by tourism and the desire to capitalise on it.


Travel as a Spiritual Experience

  • Kenji Crosland
  • 9 December 2010

The first time I stepped into St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican, I remember feeling overwhelmed by its beauty. The domed ceiling was so immense, so beautiful, so adorned with murals from master artists and tons of marble, gold and other precious materials, that for a few precious moments I found myself dumbstruck. When I write about it now, even though I’ve forgotten much about what the ceiling actually looked like, I still remember that feeling.


La Dolce Vita – Rome is the Latest Urban Adventures Destination in the Media

  • Paul Tavner
  • 7 October 2010

‘Getaway,’ Australia’s most popular televised travel show, has made the Italian capital of Rome the latest Urban Adventures destination to be brought into Australian homes. Taken under the wing of a local Urban Adventures guide, ‘Getaway’ presenter Catriona Rowntree took a leisurely three-hour stroll through this romantic European metropolis, following the pages of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling book, ‘Eat Pray Love.’


Photo of the Week: The Forgotten Kingdom of Tavolara, Sardinia, Italy

  • ICP (photo), Pier Paolo Canu (text)
  • 18 July 2010

The Italian Island of Tavolara, pictured here from across the waters of the Gulf of Olbia, is beautiful nature at its best. It lies off the coast of the town of Olbia on the northeast coast of Sardinia. Olbia is the main destination for ferries arriving from mainland Italy, so Tavolara is often among the first sights seen by visitors to Sardinia.


Sicilian Experience – Live the True Sicilian Lifestyle

  • Carmelina Ricciardello
  • 5 March 2010

On the geographical map of Italy, at the bottom of the peninsula, lies the island of Sicily, which looks like a football being kicked away by the boot of the Italian peninsula. This might be the heartfelt wish of some Italians, mainly because of the island’s historic link with the mafia. I live in a quiet little village of Sant’Ambrogio, just five kilometres from a bustling tourist town.

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