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Top Five Picks for Community-Based Tourism Accommodation in Sub-equatorial Africa

  • WHL Group
  • 24 May 2010

Nothing beats the experience of staying with locals and supporting their local communities. The WHL Group puts forward here five of its favourite community-based accommodation initiatives in Africa.


The Rugged Sani Pass to Lesotho Is Set to Lose Its Edge

  • Benita Wentzel
  • 21 May 2010

Named after the San people who once lived in the area, the Sani Pass, one of Southern Africa’s most spectacular scenic and rugged byways, is today the only road link between the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal and the rugged, landlocked kingdom of Lesotho. And now it is slated to become a tarred transport route.


Lesotho Is More: An Insider Shares

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 27 January 2009

Lesotho is the very small ‘Kingdom in the Sky’ completely land-locked by South Africa. It’s a perfect gem of a place – especially for the independent traveller – where the exploring opportunities seem endless.

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