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Travel Talk with a Venezuela Destination Expert

  • WHL Group
  • 30 September 2011

Every month, we delve into the travel experiences of people in the extended WHL Group network. Today we talked to Melissa V. Gonzalez Llovera of Viajes Valencia Los Roques, the whl.travel local connection in Venezuela. Originally from Valencia, Melissa is now a travel agent and specialist for a number of destinations in Venezuela.


Top Five Indigenous Cultures Tours

  • whl.travel
  • 2 August 2011

The theme “linking cultures” has been chosen for the 2011 World Tourism Day (to be celebrated on September 27). Often, in an area with indigenous populations, or people who are original to the land, one of the greatest assets is traditional culture. Through mindfully operated cultural tours, indigenous groups have something a great deal to offer – and to gain! – from exchanges with tourists. Here we share a roundup of some of our favourite indigenous culture tours.


Never Miss the Iguassu Falls in Brazil and Argentina

  • André Franchini
  • 13 May 2011

As a Brazilian involved in the travel market, I’ve heard a lot about the beauty of the Iguassu Falls, one of the widest waterfalls in the world – more than three times the width of Niagara Falls – located right where the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay all touch. Then, when my close friend Wallace, who also works in tourism, said he was planning to visit the Iguassu Falls, I thought it was a good chance to take in this natural wonder from both sides of the border.


Top Five Ways to Experience Biodiversity Hotspots

  • WHL Group
  • 8 April 2011

Biodiversity – the variety of life in a particular ecosystem – is a precious thing, inherently. In species-rich environments, the awe-inspiring intricacies of our planet’s long bio-evolutionary history can be found in full flower, growl, flutter, slither and bubble. It is truly an amazing thing to behold. We encourage travellers to explore these biological treasure troves, but to do so responsibly.


Mac-Mac Paddle Whack: An Epic Journey by Kayak in Mpumalanga, South Africa

  • Jaco Lubbe
  • 6 April 2011

If an epic experience means going beyond what is usual or ordinary – to encompass that which is extraordinary, momentous and great – then that is how I would describe my first descent on the creeking Mac-Mac River, beginning from the thunderous Mac-Mac Falls, a national monument of South Africa.


Chasing Adventure in Champasak, Laos

  • Laurel Angrist
  • 16 February 2011

In Southeast Asia’s so-called Emerald Triangle, a region of extensive natural forests growing along the tripartite border of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, some of the most beautiful and least touristy landscapes are in southern Laos. Travellers who make it there, specifically to the lesser-known Lao province of Champasak, are always wowed by the region’s attractions and wonders, the first often being the phenomenal World Heritage site of Wat Phou.


Travel Experiences Told by a Local Partner in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  • WHL Group
  • 10 February 2011

Every month, we delve into the travel experiences of people in the extended WHL Group network. This month we talk to Laura Lott of belo-horizonte.travel, the whl.travel local connection based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


Just Jump! Bungee in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

  • Charlotte Moroney
  • 13 January 2011

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, has long been referred to as the adventure capital of the world, a place where adrenaline is served right alongside an ice-cold Zambezi lager. Fittingly, in addition to the classic sampling of active stunts like whitewater rafting and the adrenaline high-wire thrills, this playground for daredevils also lays claim to one of the most heart-pounding bungee jumps in the world.


Winter Fun in Sarajevo: Snowshoeing to a Magic Frozen Waterfall

  • Samer Hajric
  • 11 January 2011

The city of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, lies in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, which makes it the perfect location for winter activities. In response to that, outdoor adventure tour operators like Green Visions, the whl.travel local connection in Sarajevo, offers trips and activities throughout the year, including options that peek into Sarajevo’s magical winter world. One of the most memorable hidden places in winter is Skakavac Waterfall.


Travelling with a Heart to the Hill Tribe Villages of Northern Thailand

  • Mika Santos
  • 1 December 2010

One major destination in the Golden Triangle is the historic city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The second-largest city in the country, it is a vibrant gateway to the spectacular northern region. Sitting comfortably at 316 metres above sea level, it is also a vital hub at the heart of a mountainous territory perfect for anyone seeking a cooler climate and opportunities to experience the rich and diverse cultures of the many ethnic minorities who reside in these hills.

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