Family Travel and Dude Ranches

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 13 December 2016

One of the most meaningful comments I’ve read about family travel and dude ranches is this: Dude ranches reconnect adults to a simple and innocent part of their childhood and introduce their children to these same experiences.

Family travel and dude ranches: a chance for all ages to discover magic

At dude ranches, everyone can discover magic. Photo courtesy of Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

There’s something uplifting and joyful about that. Like when parents momentarily forget themselves and regress with their kids – revisiting beloved animated cartoons from their youth, or unabashedly belting out favorite ballads from bygone (to their kids) times.

Now picture horses and corrals, Stetson hats and western boots, cookouts and wide open landscapes straight out of cowboy movies and novels. Your heart goes pitter-patter, just a little bit. Or a lot. Because in today’s era of quick-paced modernization, invasive technology and growing detachment from nature (and one another), the ranch appeal is arguably more potent – for all generations – than ever before.

“Perhaps it is the allure of the Western lifestyle that people long to experience. Perhaps it is the adventure that draws guests to a ranch in the first place. Most likely, it’s a combination,” believes Kari Kilmer, Manager of Vee Bar Guest Ranch.

Perhaps. Whatever the case, when on a dude ranch, “The feelings that awaken inside of you are something that most people never imagine. It’s the magic!” agrees Tammy Yurich, Activities Director of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch.

Family travel and dude ranches: discover unimaginable feelings

Living in a dream. Photo courtesy of Latigo Ranch

Exploring the Magic

“Dude ranches are a perfect fit for family travel simply because the dynamic shifts,” suggests Ashley Ducharme, Marketing Coordinator of Bar W Guest Ranch. “Everyone within the family is on an authentic adventure because everyone is trying new things (archery, horseback riding, square dancing, skeet shooting and more). This equalizes the parents and the children and fosters open communication. The kids say ‘Do you know what we did today?’ and the parents respond ‘Well do you know what we did today?’”

That level playing field wasn’t created by accident. It has taken a lot of work and requires diligent vigilance to maintain. All the more so as it’s increasingly difficult to find other family-focused vacation experiences that so consistently “bring families together naturally,” as Kerstin Auer, Marketing & Sales of Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, sees it, all by placing careful and balanced emphasis on providing “unique adventures and educational experiences that the whole family will enjoy,” says Janice Schoonover, Owner of Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.

Over the years, plenty of visitors have predictably compared their dude ranch adventures with the famous magic of other standard-bearing activity providers like Disney. How do dude ranches stand up? Incredibly well! “When you come to a dude ranch, the only lines you’ll find are the strings of horses and riders on the mountain trails. Every moment with your family will be spent finding real adventures, not being herded through fabricated ones. Without crowds of people to fight against, the buzz of this modern world will fade into serenity and wildness,” says Spencer George, son of the owners of Latigo Ranch.

Family travel and dude ranches: a chance to slow down

A chance to slow down and get in touch with nature. Photo courtesy of Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

Take Things a Little Slower

There really is a lot to be said for excitement without overstimulation, and activation without commercialization.

“Dude ranches give families… a place to slow down from the fast pace of daily life and reconnect with each other,” observes Meris Stout, Owner of Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch.

There are two important elements to this. First, “Free of television, phone calls, texts and push notifications, family members can discover the magic that has captivated ranch guests for a hundred years,” enthuses RC Townsend, Assistant General Manager of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch.

Second, “Learning together through nature and animals is a powerful thing for families to share,” says Tyler Beckley, Owner of Three Bars Guest Ranch.

Of course, a readiness to make family time together just that much more engaging is stoked by freedom from one another during part of each day. This is aided by the safe environment dude ranches work to create, allowing parents to relax while their kids do their own things. “Kids have freedoms on a dude ranch that most cannot experience in today’s world,” says Jeanne Ross, General Manager of Colorado Trails Guest Ranch.

Doug Cole, Owner of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch concurs: “Once you arrive at a dude ranch, you are by default in a more secure environment that has a known and fixed population during the time of your stay. Kids are more enabled to ‘free range.’”

Family travel and dude ranches: a girl and her 'steed'

A girl and her ‘steed’. Photo courtesy of R Lazy J Guest Ranch

Step into the Dude Ranch Mindset

Predictably, “A dude ranch offers so much… by providing very unique opportunities,” says Kelly Stirn, Owner of R Lazy S Ranch.

So let’s explore some them.

Keep in mind, however, that “The hardest vacation to describe is one based on an experience. For those of us that live this wonderful, rewarding, down-to-earth lifestyle, it is hard to tell a family on the phone what a wonderful time they will have,” advises Kilmer of Vee Bar Guest Ranch. “They simply have to take our word for it, then try it for themselves.”

Let’s do that. Let’s put ourselves briefly in dude ranchers’ shoes by reading their words and imagining how amazing a dude ranch holiday can be. Then let’s all go try it out ourselves, remembering that, as Doug Van Berkum, Owner of Rainbow Trout Ranch likes to point out, “There truly is something for EVERYONE!”

In Their Own Words

To get a sense of what makes dude ranches so special for families, I reached out to an impressive roster of dude ranches, all of them also members of the Dude Ranchers’ Association, an organization that preserves, protects and promotes the unique experience and identity of a dude ranch vacation.

Thirteen of those FTA dude ranch members (see more about them here) replied with great thoughts, insights and inspiration. Some of them are included and summarized above, but here is some of what they had to say about two broad areas – why are dude ranches are, in general, perfect places for family travel; and what makes their dude ranches, in particular, special for families.


Why Are Dude Ranches Perfect Places for Family Travel?

Simplified All-Inclusive Planning and Pricing

“All-inclusive dude ranches can take the hassle out of planning daily schedules that might be points of conflict for a mixed-interest group. You do not need to argue over who is going to depart the cruise ship for a shore visit, who is going to the ship disco, the movie theatre, the swimming pool, or to the casino… The program of the ranch can mitigate many of the planning issues.”
— Doug Cole of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

“Eliminating unwelcome surprises after all the travel additions are tallied is a major benefit. An all-inclusive ranch can allow parents to get a firm handle on what the budget will be and stay within those budget barriers.”
— Doug Cole of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

“Dude ranches offer a unique all-inclusive family experience. There are no hidden costs. All your accommodations, meals, and ranch activities are all well defined and included in your rates.”
— Kelly Stirn of R Lazy S Ranch

Tech Disconnection

“The ranch environment offers a positive atmosphere for families to disconnect from technology and engage in authentic experiences together.”
— Janice Schoonover of Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

“Free of television, phone calls, texts and push notifications, family members are free to discover the magic that has captivated ranch guests for a hundred years – the beauty of the horse moving beneath them, the mesmerizing power of a campfire, or the stunning beauty of a perfectly clear canopy of stars. Without the opportunity to lose themselves in screen time, family members eagerly recount the day’s adventures, bonding over their shared experiences.”
— RC Townsend of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

Family travel and dude ranches: where kids can be kids (without screens)

Dude ranches are places where kids can be kids (without screens). Photo courtesy of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

“It’s a place where kids can come and BE kids and discover nature’s playground away from electronics. It’s incredible to see today’s kids truly loving every second of the outdoors and coming to appreciate animals and good old fashioned play. The parents/grandparents, too, can disconnect from the crazy world and slip back to a simpler time to just enjoy with their family and appreciate the beautiful world around them.”
— Tammy Yurich of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

“A Dude ranch… offers families the experience of ‘being close to nature’ by providing… a ranch environment where cell phones and televisions can be left behind.” R Lazy S
— Kelly Stirn of R Lazy S Ranch

“Remote dude ranch locations enable the disconnect from technology. Adults and children can experience what is outside the digital world that distracts them from true realities. Technology has invaded our worlds to the point of techno-addictions for many people and a remote dude ranch can allow direct participation in adventures that are not digitized.”
— Doug Cole of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

Family Bonding

“A family vacation should be educational, experiential, fun and challenging, not only for the kids, but for mom and dad too. Guest ranches offer that to the whole family.… Everyone wants to make memorable experiences with their loved ones, and guest ranches are a great option.”
— Tyler Beckley of Three Bars Guest Ranch

“Play, relax, re-connect – and most of all make memories to last a lifetime. That’s a family vacation!”
— Kerstin Auer of Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

“Although the kids have separate programs, the adults are welcome to join the kids or do some activities with their (adult) peers. Meals are all together for everyone to get back together.”
— Jeanne Ross of Colorado Trails Guest Ranch

“[A dude ranch is] a great place to spend quality time with your family having fun! In today’s busy world it can be hard for families to find time to spend together. Everyone has their own schedules and often it is not even possible to have a meal together. At our small ranch, families spend their time together: you ride horses, eat meals together, relax around a campfire, hike, swim in the creek, play games, line dance, and make memories together that will last a lifetime!”
— Meris Stout, Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

“With an ever-growing number of distractions in the world, the guest ranch vacation provides an important opportunity for families to reconnect with the people and the environment around them.”
— RC Townsend of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

“Interpersonal relationships are strengthened when you share adventures, share meals, and share time in new activities. Grandparents and parents can build relationships and memories that will last generationally by sharing time in common adventures. Shared time on the trail, in the rapids, at the shooting range, and at a marvelous meal will reinforce the familial bonds that get ignored in much of our normal daily routines.”
— Doug Cole of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

“The Vee Bar Guest Ranch is unique because all activities are designed with families in mind. The ranch has great activities for kids, but there is not a designated kids program that splits kids and adults up all day so that each can do their own activities. The families that find the Vee Bar to be a perfect match are those that want to experience something new together, as a family, and make memories together.”
— Kari Kilmer of Vee Bar Guest Ranch

“The family dude ranch vacation may not be for everyone, especially those families who require close contact with one another throughout their vacation. Instead, a Family Dude Ranch vacation provides a unique opportunity for families to be together but flourish within their own experiences.”
— Kelly Stirn of R Lazy S Ranch


What Makes Your Dude Ranches, in Particular, Special for Families.

Set up for Multigenerational Groups

“We say from 3 to 83 they will have a great time.”
— Doug Van Berkum of Rainbow Trout Ranch

Family travel and dude ranches: ideal environments for multigenerational groups

Dude ranches are ideal environments for multigenerational groups. Photo courtesy of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

“Hundreds of guests travel to the Vee Bar each summer and many of them are families. Whether they are multigenerational families taking a trip together, or a single parent with kids in tow, the Vee Bar offers something for everyone. Families that have visited in the past say that their trip to the ranch is the best vacation they have ever taken, and that says a lot coming from kids who have been to well-known, tried-and-true places like Disney World.”
— Kari Kilmer of Vee Bar Guest Ranch

“Our dedication to providing unparalleled service to our younger guests comes not only from the knowledge that these will be memories they carry with them for the rest of their lives, but from the knowledge that parents – knowing that their kids are having an absolute blast – can truly focus on the incredible time they are having themselves.”
— RC Townsend of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

“Marble Mountain Ranch targets families and mixed-interest multigenerational groups. We build a program around horse riding, arena lessons and challenges, whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, shooting sports, and other outdoor adventures such as waterfall hikes. The diversity of our activity offerings enables each member of a family to find parts of their vacation that engage and excite them. Not all members a larger family will want to spend extended hours in any one of our activities, but there is something here that will excite every family member. In fact, the most common response to our end-of-week survey question “what was your favorite part of your vacation?” is the response “ALL OF IT!”
— Doug Cole of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

“It’s the perfect place for family reunions because WE take care of everything and all they have to do is make the memories together.”
— Tammy Yurich of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

“Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a great place for a small family reunion! If there are between 10-16 people in your group you will have the ranch to yourselves and our undivided attention!”
— Meris Stout, Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

“Guest ranches are all about finding the best fit for your family. They range from rusting to luxuries. Focusing on families with young kids, to teens, to adult only. It is critical that you find the a ranch that fits your families preferences.”
— Tyler Beckley of Three Bars Guest Ranch

Saddle Time!

“Interest for both children and teenagers centers around the horses. Their special riding programs include instruction, gymkhanas (games on horseback), half-day trail rides and all-day rides to nearby mountain lakes. The younger guests normally ride separately from the adults with their own wranglers, but family rides are scheduled throughout the week and include a breakfast ride that ends with a hearty meal beside our beautiful fish pond, or to Phelps Lake for a lunch and then a jump off the ‘rock’ into the refreshing lake.”
— Kelly Stirn of R Lazy S Ranch

Family travel and dude ranches: riding is a memorable experience for everyone

Riding is a memorable experience for everyone. Photo courtesy of Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

“The kind of riding we do also makes such a memorable experience for families. Whether you’re an advances rider, have never ridden a horse, or are somewhere in between, we have the perfect horse for you for the week and you can take the rides at your pace. We progressively work with each guest to help them become more confident riders and meet their riding goals for the week. Those that already feel confident in the saddle, will enjoy our daily faster paced Adventure Rides to beautiful areas right from the ranch. The novice rider might prefer our scenic All-Day Rides to some of the higher peaks in view of the ranch. Or perhaps you’d prefer to join your kids on their All-Day Ride to slide down the sand dunes or up to town for our Root Beer Float Ride. Of course you may instead not want to miss our Hot Springs Ride or try your hand on the Horse and Rider Agility Course. There are dozens of things to try and you may need to come another year to do it all – most people do!”
— Tammy Yurich of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

“Most rides are arranged so that families that want to ride together can do so.”
— Kari Kilmer of Vee Bar Guest Ranch

“We provide safety-focused, educational, and yet adventure-driven riding programs for all ages and experience levels – from children to adults and beginners to experts.”
— Spencer George of Latigo Ranch

“At the Vee Bar Guest Ranch, families typically arrive on a Sunday afternoon and quickly begin exploring the ranch’s property. In short time they meet some horses, mini donkeys, goats, the ranch dogs, cats and, of course, some friendly staff members. Kids meet kids from other families and it does not take long for them to begin playing games, building forts, and exploring some more. At dinner, the meals are served buffet-style and guests sit anywhere they choose, with the company of other guests and members of the ranch crew. Monday morning is the first chance to ride horses and guests excitedly (and sometimes nervously) meet the amazing animal that they will call friends by the end of the week.”
— Kari Kilmer of Vee Bar Guest Ranch

Other Ranch Activities Too!

“An average day at Three Bars you can ride in the morning, go rafting in the afternoon, get some fly fishing in before dinner and the evening entertainment program starts, and not miss a meal with the family. It’s not just possible, but it’s a typical day.”
— Tyler Beckley of Three Bars Guest Ranch

“Our dude ranch kids activities involve far more than horseback riding. When not riding, our kid’s counselor provides multiple activities during the day and at night. Daily after-dinner events for everyone include softball games, capture the flag, accompanied rides to the rodeo, s’mores by a campfire and talent night.” R Lazy S
— Kelly Stirn of R Lazy S Ranch

“At Mountain Sky, our goal is to offer the most creative and imaginative children’s programming in the industry.… Our counselors approach each and every session as an opportunity to make lifelong memories for our youngest guests, and we give them the freedom to develop morning and afternoon sessions around the interests of the children. It isn’t uncommon to see a band of little pirates marching by in search of buried treasure, or to witness a squad of miniature superheroes fending off an alien attack with squirt guns.”
— RC Townsend of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

“More than just riding, Latigo Ranch offers a myriad of other fun activities: a lesson in cowboy skills, rifle and shotgun shooting, fly fishing, river rafting, kids’ camp-out, an interactive wine tasting, and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the view from the porch.”
— Spencer George of Latigo Ranch

“We offer a variety of non-horse activities and horsemanship experiences which can include lessons, arena games, cow sorting and driving, trail riding and full day rides.”
— Janice Schoonover of Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

“There are activities for both riders and non-riders so husband and wife can come and have both time together and do alternate things that each enjoys if they like. … With fly-fishing, stocked trout pond, zip-lining, trap shooting, guided hikes, heated pool, hot tub and mountain bikes available, there are numerous activities in addition to riding that make it the perfect getaway for a variety of individuals in families.”
— Tammy Yurich of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

Family travel and dude ranches: Line dancing is part of the multigenerational fun

Line dancing is part of the multigenerational fun! Photo courtesy of Vee Bar Guest Ranch

“Our evening entertainment is focused on family fun and some of the best memories are made laughing together during line dancing, singing with other families around the fire and participating in our hilarious staff show.”
— Tammy Yurich of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

“Evening activities such as the wagon ride, cookout, and Friday night dance are perfect for everyone in the family, and are other great examples of how guests – toddler to elderly – can enjoy the same activities at the ranch.”
— Kari Kilmer of Vee Bar Guest Ranch

“Evening programs offer something for everyone, and this is where our teen program truly shines. Adventures include use of our high ropes course, trips to the Boiling River in nearby Yellowstone National Park, teen-only horseback rides and gourmet dinners. Dedicated teen counselors provide consistent supervision and genuine connection for the teens, and a reliable point of contact for parents.”
— RC Townsend of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

“Fond of creature comforts? No problem! You won’t find chuckwagon food at Latigo Ranch. We are known for our high-quality and personalized cuisine.”
— Spencer George of Latigo Ranch

“We provide personal service in an authentic small venue and we keep our guests actively engaged in new adventures from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. Along the way, they enjoy phenomenal cuisine based on creative original recipes and wholesome ingredients. The unique product of our ‘saddle/paddle’ or ‘raft-N-ride’ vacation is blended with our legendary hospitality to create family vacations that are unforgettable.”
— Doug Cole of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

“The program at Three Bars is designed specifically for active families. Out high guide-to-guest ratio is what gives us the ability to tailor every activity to every guest. We are all about options, as not everyone is going to enjoy the same activities. That is why we offer the most diverse activities program anywhere. A world class horse program, river rafting, fishing, ATVing, and shooting sports are just some of the activities available. “It is only a vacation to you if you are doing activities that you enjoy”.”
— Tyler Beckley of Three Bars Guest Ranch

Staying Together and Playing Apart

“Families can share and do their own thing.”
— Jeanne Ross of Colorado Trails Guest Ranch

Family travel and dude ranches: fun for all family members, whether they're together or apart

There’s fun for all family members, whether they’re together or apart. Photo courtesy of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

“What we also offer is something for all ages. Parents can relax and reconnect as couples or enjoy some down time as they know their children/grandchildren are safe, busy learning and entertained with fun new experiences. It gives the parents/grandparents time to enjoy their vacation as well, but there is still plenty of meal, entertainment and family time all together.”
— Tammy Yurich of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

“Campfires and s’mores, as well as a perfect blend of doing activities together and parents/grandparents being able to take a break and enjoy a spa treatment while we take care of the kids, guarantee relaxation and great memories for everyone.”
— Kerstin Auer of Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

“We take the idea of a family vacation very seriously. Even though we have an excellent children and teen programs – wonderful counselors and fun programs – we also encourage families to eat meals, ride, hike and fish together.”
— Doug Van Berkum of Rainbow Trout Ranch

“Dude ranches allow each family member to experience their vacation within their own timeframe. Adults can leisurely enjoy their meals, rides and relaxing moments while being assured their children are being entertained and enjoying their activities. We sometimes compare the family dude ranch as an Adult and Child Camp where adults and children can experience the unique opportunities of the ranch within their own limits. It allows children and their parents to become more independent from each other, while knowing each is being given the opportunity to have the best vacation experience of their life.”
— Kelly Stirn of R Lazy S Ranch

It’s Personal

“We get to know our guests like family and as their hosts, it’s important to us that they have the MOST incredible week of their year. You’ll find Jerry and Cheri (owners) eating with our guests, leading them on rides and laughing with them over a beverage in the evenings. All of our large staff are engaging and committed to the tiny details of an incredible stay for each of our guests.”
— Tammy Yurich of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

“Another quality that makes the Vee Bar Guest Ranch unique is the authenticity of the people you find at the ranch, as well as the authenticity of the experience. Any ranch experience will most likely be educational, but it’s the experiences that guests have with the owners, managers, and staff that make it a unique experience. The managers and owners (and extended family) are natives of Wyoming. Four generations live on the Vee Bar, or on another ranch nearby. The family ranched for over 25 years, raising cattle and putting up hay. The managers of the Vee Bar Ranch hire a crew that embraces family values and the Western lifestyle. The crew comes from all walks of life, as do the guests.”
— Kari Kilmer of Vee Bar Guest Ranch

“We are a multi generational, family owned and operated ranch and this unique prospective allows us to understand the needs of family travel.”
— Janice Schoonover of Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

family travel and dude ranches: kid roping a steer

Kid roping a steer. Photo courtesy of Bar W Guest Ranch

“And the best thing is that we take care of everything. No planning for mom and dad, we take care of every detail from the planning to the trips on a daily basis.”
— Tyler Beckley of Three Bars Guest Ranch

Location Location Location

“We are located in the middle of the 3.3 million-acre Gila National Forest. This is a great place for families to escape the hustle and bustle of town and city life. Wildlife is plentiful here including large herds of elk, many types of birds, mule deer, javelina, eagles, and much more. It is a great place to learn about and experience the beauty of our natural world. We love sharing our knowledge of the flora, fauna and wildlife with our guests! And the scenery you will see by horseback is unparalleled: deep canyons with crystal clear spring fed stream running through them, mountain overlooks, open meadows, ponderosa forests- the variety is endless.”
— Meris Stout, Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

“Our riding is unparalleled and our location is in a less traveled part of Colorado. The scenery is second to none.”
— Doug Van Berkum of Rainbow Trout Ranch

“And to top it off, being able to explore your beautiful surroundings on horseback, just as it has been done for hundred of years. Only on horseback can you observe elk, moose, bear, dear up close in their own habitat.”
— Kelly Stirn of R Lazy S Ranch

“Colorado Trails Ranch is special for families because of our setting. We have a little ‘western town’ for general activities and brand new cabins with lots of space to allow for private time and sharing time.”
— Jeanne Ross of Colorado Trails Guest Ranch

(Small) Size Matters

“With a smaller capacity (42), we truly get to know our guests like family.”
— Tammy Yurich of Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

“Western Pleasure Guest Ranch is uniquely qualified as a family vacation destination because our guest capacity gives us the ability to personalize a guest ranch vacation to meet the needs and desires of individual families.”
— Janice Schoonover of Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

“Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a small family run ranch. We have only 4 cabins and take a maximum of 12-16 guests. Because of this we are able to give our guests more personal attention. You tell us what you want your family’s time at the ranch to be like!”
— Meris Stout, Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

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