In Motion: Local Transport from Around the World

  • WHL Group
  • 5 October 2011

This autumn, The Travel Word team has been thinking a lot about transportation. All too often, tourist transit and local transport are two separate spheres in the same destination. They just don’t intersect. Tourists seek the comfort and convenience of flights, taxis or tourist bus services that have been developed with them in mind, while local people convey themselves using whatever resources are at hand, often the ones that have been in place for a long (and sometimes very long) time.

The toboggan in Monte, Madeira, Portugal

The Monte Toboggan on Portugal's Madeira Island is just one of many ways locals have created to get from one place to another, ways that we believe are a vital part of a local travel experience

We believe that the different forms of local transport are unique qualities of a place that, when experienced, are a vital part of a local travel experience. To know a place is to get around it the way local people do: cramming yourself into a chicken bus in South America, throwing caution to the wind in a tuk-tuk in Southeast Asia or boarding a ferry in Africa. We dare you to give them a try! We’re sure you will find these rides to be a brilliant bonding experience with locals.

To inspire you… and in honour of our recent focus on local transport, we asked our network of local travel professionals all over the world to give us a glimpse of the best local conveyances in their destinations. Their responses are as varied as they are colourful – everything from trains and boats and buses to animal power and bicycles and three-wheeled wonders.

We’re pleased to present this gallery of the best of local transport inside the whl.travel network.To make it work:
+ Click on a thumbnail to open a preview.
+ Click the name of the photo to be taken to the full written entry supporting it.
+ Click the photo itself to close the preview.
+ Use the arrows to navigate through previews.

Trains on the Right Track

(click here to read more)

Bicycles Worldwide

(click here to read more)

Buses Not to Miss

(click here to read more)

Muscle Power

(click here to read more)

Transport on the Water

(click here to read more)

Three-Wheeled Wonders

(click here to read more)

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WHL Group

WHL Group is the largest local-travel company in the world, a global network of companies that help travellers find unique ways to experience a destination through local tourism professionals. WHL Group companies empower local partners who have practice in experiential and mindful travel and a local's knack for identifying, explaining and sustaining the distinctive qualities of a place. Visit the WHL Group website.
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4 Responses to “In Motion: Local Transport from Around the World”

  1. Cynthia Ord says:

    Thanks to you guys for contributing. It was really the whole WHL network that came through with great material and the whole media team that put it together. Let’s keep adding to it and make it grow!

  2. A wonderful read ! Its a delight to read the transport mode from the rest of the world! Well done Cynthia for putting this together!

    http://www.kotakinabalu-travel.com & http://www.sandakan-travel.com

  3. This is fantastic! Some are hilarious some look very very uncomfortable! Well done Cynthia- what a piece!

  4. Cynthia of whl.travel (www.whl-group.com) has created a e-masterpiece on transport here.
    I hope she can hear the aplause from all the above mentioned contributors.
    Thank all at The Travel Word for a most enjoyable read, I will tell all my friends of this great piece.



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