Monsoons in Goa, India: Paradise in the Rain

  • Ashok Doshi
  • 17 May 2011

It is just about dawn. Half past 5, or maybe 6am. I can hear the cuckoo singing, as it has been doing for the past week or so. It’s a sure sign that the monsoon rains are on their way to Goa, India. We already know this from the forecast, which shows them about a month away, edging toward Kerala, where they make landfall in late May or early June, about one week before they reach Goa.

View of Panaji, Goa, India, in monsoon season

When monsoons hit Goa, India, it comes with fresh cool breezes, colourful sunsets and giant sea waves hitting the beach and lush green landscape, like the one seen here near Panaji. Photo courtesy of Anoop Negi/Flickr

It is sultry these days; the afternoons are getting hot and the humidity is already reaching 55 to 65 percent. It will only get worse, but oh won’t it be lovely when it starts to rain? I can’t wait for the clean, fresh and cool breeze, the sunsets with rainbow-coloured hues in the clouds. The sea’s giant waves will hit the beach and the landscape will be lush and green. What an incredible canvas!

A Cooler Escape

Goa in the monsoon months of June to September is truly magical, a time of year when nature is at its best and most bountiful. Although many western tourists flock to Goa for its beaches, nightclubs and unique Portuguese colonial architecture, Indians, especially those from the plains in the north, come here during the monsoons simply to escape the heat and dust. Even Saudis and Persian Gulf people come to Goa during the monsoons just to show their children what rain is all about.

Looking over the River Mandovi and the sea at Panjim, Goa, India

The full-flowing rivers and streams, and lush green countryside of Goa, India, during monsoon season are part of Goa's raindrop tourism promotions. Here a man watches heavy rain clouds roll in over the Mandovi River where it meets the sea near Panjim, Goa, India. Photo courtesy of Anoop Negi/Flickr

In fact, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation already promotes ‘raindrop tourism’ in Goa to Middle Eastern countries. In keeping with this, the whl.travel local connection in Goa is happy to offer many affordable monsoon packages and specials to travellers from all over the globe. Get away from the beach and wander inland to magnificent waterfalls, full-flowing rivers and streams, and lush green countryside.

Monsoon season is even the perfect time for trekking and eco adventures! Or you can walk along the beach and experience the fury of the sea, when giant waves hit the beach in full force.

A Time to Celebrate

Many amazing festivals and events in Goa take place during the monsoon season, making it a particularly exciting time of year for visiting travellers looking to experience the local culture. Here are some of our favourite holidays and festivals:

People in a river during the Sao Joao festival of Siolim, Goa, India

Goans enjoy themselves at the Sao Joao festival of Siolim, Goa, India, by jumping into the river. Most of them are high in spirits. Photo courtesy of Dajiworld.com

São João (June 24): This festive day is celebrated by Catholics and dedicated to St. John the Baptist. According to the festival’s longstanding traditions, the local youth of Goa get merrily drunk and jump into wells to retrieve the gifts that have been thrown inside by villagers. Later on, to mark the end of the day and pay tribute to the rains, they feast on an abundance of meat and seafood

St. Peter Feast (June 29): The Feast of St. Peter, also known as Sangodd, is a monsoon-based celebration by Goa’s local fishing community. Their boats are tied together to form rafts, which serve as makeshift stages. On these stages are erected miniature models of chapels or churches. Tiatrs (local drama theatre), folk dances and music are performed before an audience watching from the riverbanks.

Bonderam (August 24): – Bonderam is local to the quaint island of Divar, away from the hustle and bustle of Panjim. In remembrance of old territorial battles that took place on the island, mock skirmishes are re-enacted by boys and girls wielding fotashes (toy flags made with bamboo) and using berries for missiles. Soothing music is played in the village throughout the day, and the crowd grows as the day progresses. Parade floats are a highlight of this festival, where colours come alive along with the costumes.

Bonderam parade in Goa, India

The waving flags and the gaily clad flag bearers do a sort of a Goan tattoo at the beginning of the Bonderam parade in Goa, India. Photo courtesy of Anoop Negi/Flickr

An Affordable Holiday

Goa during the monsoons is a treat for travellers; the sight of the lush green palm trees swaying in the coastal monsoon breeze with the gentle rains splattering around you, the predominantly greyish hue mixed in with cool green foliage carpeting the Western Ghats all combine to cast a spell. It relaxes you and reconnects you with your inner self, something sometimes too long forgotten.

The ‘Rivera of the East’ really is at its romantic best in the rains; fortunately, the monsoon season is also when most Goa hotels offer the best discounted rates of the whole year. Travellers can explore the beaches under a steady drizzle or sit in a lounge overlooking the sea and sip their favourite feni and eat some delicious seafood. Visitors to Goa during the monsoons never look at rain the same way again.

For more information about travel to Goa in the monsoon season and throughout the year, check in with travel experts Nikkis Tourism & Commercial Services, your whl.travel local connection in Goa, India.

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    The scattered splendors of Goa summon a large number of tourists as well as honeymooners round the year from across the world. Some of the other well-known places to see in Goaduring Goa Honeymoon are museums, churches, temples and markets.

  2. Sao Joao Feast is one of the best and very interesting festival in Goa. There is a fun in this festival. Sao Joao Feast is celebrated every year on 24th of June. Large number of goan youth come together for this festival and make a fun.

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