Special Deals and Promotions Winners

It’s a big world and it’s full of opportunity, some of it absolutely free. Below are some of the people who gambled on chance and won free travel through WHL Group promotions.

MARCH 2011

For simply subscribing to Lime&Tonic Sydney and sharing the news about it, Chris Alifano won a helicopter flight and chic dinner in Sydney, while Kim McDonald and Melisa Prieto won Lime&Tonic vouchers.


For telling us in one short paragraph what he liked about each of the five companies behind a Vanuatu holiday adventure prize worth more than US$2,000, Jeremy Daly won a seven-day/six-night trip for two, courtesy of Vanuatu Hotels, the whl.travel local connection in Vanuatu:

I feel that Seachange Lodge is a very admirable company. This is not just because of the direct support that they give to the You Me Support Foundation, but because they also show that a business can be socially responsible while remaining profitable and offering a high quality of services. Being a certified diver, Tranquillity seems to be an exciting company to dive with. This is because of their beautiful dive sites and the work they do to protect sea turtles. I think that it would be quite the adventure to fly with Air Taxi. Because they provide the most gorgeous and exhilarating views with their Mt. Yasur Day Tour. I like Tanna Evergreen Resort and Tours because when you travel, you want to get a sense of the culture your in. This would be the best place to be able to do just that, while staying in great facilities. Vanuatu Hotels is great because it allows people to travel in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.


For identifying one historic site featured on both the Iconic Guides collection of audio tours and the website of the whl.travel destination in which it can be found, the following five people won three free audio guides to the Iconic Guides destinations of their choice: Padraic Kennedy, Samantha Mostert, Mohammed Sherif, Nathan Grey and Candice Lyons.


For telling us in no more than 200 words about a life-changing travel experience, Sean Palmer won a three-day trip for two in Nepal, courtesy of Outdoor Himalayan Treks, the whl.travel local connection in Nepal:

I once spent a few weeks on the road with my grandfather, traveling around Western Canada. What made the experience so life-changing is that my grandfather has been traveling the world since he was a child. And since my childhood he’s told incredible stories from his expeditions. But this was the first time we spent so much time traveling together. Although we never left Canada, I found myself being flown around the world mentally; I could almost step into his memories.
Before that trip, I had already been keen on travel; but afterwards, I realized that travel isn’t just something that encourages personal growth. Travel is one of our greatest legacies, passed down to us all from our ancestors. Like my grandfather, I will strive to build my own repertoire of travel tales to continue inspiring others.


Helen and Matthew JoughinFor telling us in no more than 100 words what she you would most like to do on the Greek island of Corfu (and why), Helen Joughin (pictured here with Matthew Joughin) won one week of free accommodation and car hire for two people on the island (all made possible by our friends at Corfu Sunspots Ltd):

After reading My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, I fell head over heals in love with Corfu!!
I want to walk between the fruit trees and to pick fruit as I pass by. I would let the juice run down my chin. I want to lick the sweet nectar off my sunburnt lips.
I want to have a siesta in the heat of the day.
When dusk falls, I would love to dine with my husband at a seaside cafe.
We would then walk along the seashore with the stars as the only lights guiding our footsteps!!


For submitting the following picture of a lizard basking in the sun near Graaff-Reinet (South Africa), Sue Stein won a rafting trip on the beautiful Sabie River near Hazyview and the Panorama Route of South Africa (presented by Induna Adventures).

Lizard basking in the sun near Graaff-Reinet, South Africa