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Humpback Whale Conservation in Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

  • Ashley Hiemenz
  • 2 September 2009

Elegant, mysterious and enormous, the humpback whale is utterly breathtaking when seen up close for the first time. With their enigmatic singing and endearing gentleness, these magnificent beasts have continued to perplex and allure travellers from around the globe, wishing to behold these nomadic mammals during their epic migrations. Marine experts estimate that a humpback…


Responsible Tourism in Marmaris-Datça, Turkey

  • Ashley Hiemenz
  • 4 August 2009

The port city of Marmaris, set in southwest Turkey, is one of many of the country’s summer hotspots. Although little remains of the original fishing village, further down the Datça Peninsula, there are nine traditional villages found on the peninsula, all inhabited by people whose livelihoods depend on local resources. Grassroots projects are now also bringing travellers together with the local community, connections that are helping to preserve local traditions.


Summer in the Balkans: A Visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Ashley Hiemenz
  • 10 June 2009

Look Beyond Its Recent Past to a Greener Present The ghost of recent violent times in the Balkans still haunts the region; few people give it priority consideration as a destination of choice for their next holidays, perhaps least of all places like post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mere mention of Sarajevo and Mostar conjures…

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