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Queensland, Australia, Faces Devastating Floods

  • Shaun Gilchrist
  • 15 January 2011

In 1974, the flooding Brisbane River of Queensland, Australia, peaked at 5.4 metres. It has been etched in local memory as the worst inundation the city and surrounding areas faced in the 20th century. Although the Brisbane River peaked just below the 1974 level on 13 January 2011, the damage has been far more targic and it is now the new point of reference for flood devastation.


Local Food: A Culinary World Tour

  • WHL Group
  • 18 October 2010

When it comes to life’s simple pleasures, food definitely ranks near (if not at) the top of the list for most people. It’s probably fair to say that the way to a whole nation’s heart is through its stomach, so finding out what makes a country tick is often as simple as checking out what dishes regularly make it onto the dinner table. Thanks to the efforts of our local partners around the globe, we’ve assembled an extensive selection of typical local appetisers, soups and stews, main dishes, vegetarian dishes, desserts, drinks and snacks and street foods.


Epicureans Rejoice! A Celebration of Food and Drink Festivals from Around the World

  • Natasha Robinson
  • 16 October 2010

Great sources of national pride, a country’s cuisine and local produce are as much a cause for celebration as its culture and history. Not a month goes by without an homage to food and drink somewhere in the world, so check out our selection of events encouraging you to kick up your heels, eat, drink and be merry.


Photo of the Week: River by Bike, Brisbane, Australia

  • Urban Adventures
  • 1 August 2010

This photo is taken on a floating cycle path on the Brisbane River in this capital city of the Australian state of Queensland. It is near the Story Bridge (on the way to Newfarm), which sometimes wriggles and contorts with the small waves moving under the pathway.


The Secrets and Surprises of Brisbane, Australia

  • Shaun Gilchrist
  • 3 June 2010

You will hear people put down Brisbane, Australia. Some say it doesn’t have the harbours of Sydney and that it can’t compare to the European glamour of Melbourne. Others think of it as just a launching pad for travel to the Gold Coast or the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t buy it, people!

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