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Tales from a Female Hitchhiker in South America

  • Maureen Valentine
  • 1 March 2011

Hitchhiking certainly isn’t the safest way for women to travel – and I hope if I ever have a daughter that she never does it – but I must say that I have had nothing but positive experiences. Some of my most rewarding travel moments were when I was vulnerable and looking for a little help from a soon-to-be-friend.


Top Five Picks for Mouthwatering Street Food

  • WHL Group
  • 6 October 2010

Forget ritzy restaurants and fine gourmet dining. If you want to taste the real essence of a place, you need to hit the streets and see what’s cooking. These eats are more than just for locals and budget travellers, they’re also a sure-fire way to get straight to the heart of a country and its people. Just look for the busiest pushcart, stall or street hawker you can find and say hello to the tastiest and cheapest, although not necessarily healthiest, grub of your trip.


The Top 10 Developing Countries for Sustainable Adventure Tourism

  • Laurel Angrist
  • 10 June 2010

Where will you head when the wild calls? Where should we look for tour operators eager to join forces to make a positive impact on their surroundings through community development and environmental conservation projects? For inspiration, we turned to the Adventure Tourism Development Index.


Chilling out in Chiloé, whl.travel’s First Destination in Chile

  • whl.travel
  • 24 November 2009

THIS ARTICLE IS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE. The Chilotes of Chiloé, an archipelago located off the coast of southern Chile, are renowned for their elaborate folk tales and mystical stories inspired by the epic forests and ocean tides that surround them.

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