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Seven Farm-Fresh Farmstay Getaways

  • WHL Group
  • 9 September 2012

The best fruits and vegetables are those locally grown and fresh off the farm. Aside from produce, however, farmers worldwide have something else to offer frazzled urban travellers: a valuable farmstay escape into traditional rural life. Within the WHL Group network, we found seven great farm getaways through which you can get your hands dirty and immerse yourself in the real farming lifestyle of remote rural places.


Bringing Responsible Tourism to the Hills of Darjeeling, India

  • Laurel Angrist
  • 5 April 2011

Set against the jaw-droppingly gorgeous backdrop of the snow-covered Himalayas and surrounded by the phenomenal forests and streams of rural Darjeeling, India, the little village of Mineral Spring is a community knit together by strong cultural values that have made it a model of sustainable growth. Now, homestays with locals have been set up, satisfying the desires of both mindful travellers and responsible hosts.


Darjeeling Un-limited: When Local Service Is Best

  • Mika Santos
  • 2 August 2010

The cool climate and relatively small size of Darjeeling, India, make it a perfect getaway from the sultry temperatures and urban sprawl of India’s other major urban centres. Mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts will love the numerous trails to and through the Himalayas, as well as the different adventure activities. But, of course, there is so much more to Darjeeling than its list-topping tourist attractions, like new opportunities to interact directly with the local community.


whl.travel Welcomes Travellers to Darjeeling, India

  • whl.travel
  • 29 April 2010

THIS ARTICLE IS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH AND NEPALI. On the northeast edge of India, Darjeeling reposes in the foothills of the Himalayas. It’s a quaint town where the cultures of India, Nepal and Sikkim peacefully come together to create an ideal destination for travellers in search of something utterly different from the rest of India.

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