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The First European Ecotourism Conference Is Soon to Begin in Pärnu, Estonia

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 20 September 2010

The importance of balancing sustainability and profitability is the primary underlying theme of the first European Ecotourism Conference, being held from 26 to 30 September, 2010, in Pärnu, Estonia. Established with a mission to serve as a Europe-wide forum through which stakeholders involved in ecotourism can gain insight into its development, opportunities and future challenges.


The Co-Authors of ‘Clean Breaks’ Share Their Inspiration

  • Richard Hammond and Jeremy Smith
  • 3 August 2009

Richard Hammond and Jeremy Smith, the joint authors of ‘Clean Breaks,’ share the reasons why they have written this worldwide guide to holidays that are good for local people and the planet.

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