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Green Hotels: What Really Makes Them Green?

  • Samantha Libby
  • 20 July 2011

To the well-intentioned traveler, ‘green’ labels can be a bit vague, a tinted title that has been taken to mean a host of things, not all of them positive. Faced with growing concerns about tongue-twisting turns of phrase like ‘sustainable eco nature adventures,’ the average person is left wondering what a green leaf means on hotel pamphlets. So what makes green hotels truly ‘green’?


Why Local Travel? Because We Can Make a Real Difference

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 29 October 2010

There is no shortage of niche travel labels out there. I suspect, though, that more than just a few of them are either meaningless or confusing to travel consumers. But I want take a stand with regard to one – Local Travel. It is the strongest foot forward if we are to work together to improve ethical standards in tourism from the bottom up and for everyone involved.

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