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Responsible Tourism in True Form: Bloom Microventures Comes to Vietnam

  • Ashley Hiemenz
  • 24 September 2010

As a Hanoi resident, I have taken many a tour with visiting friends. Accordingly, I have experienced my share of horrible tours. I’ve also seen the detrimental effects of tourism done wrong – whereby the big guys get richer and little money trickles down to the local suppliers (leaving disgruntled staff members and unhappy travellers). Over the years though, a few responsible tour operators have made a sincere effort to offer better travel alternatives, so when we noticed a humble poster that advertised a microfinance tour in Vietnam, we were definitely curious. What is a microfinance tour?


Eat Your Greens: Vietnam’s Green Restaurant Campaign Takes the Bite out of Illegal Animal Consumption

  • 13 November 2009

This article was first published by our friends at Intrepid Travel, who have agreed to its republication here. View the original article on their Intrepid Express Blog. . Bear for breakfast, langur for lunch or tiger for tea? We certainly hope these are not on YOUR dinner plate, but sadly these endangered creatures can be…

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