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Video Spotlight: Where the Hell Is Matt 2012

  • Paul Tavner
  • 24 June 2012

We featured the Where the Hell is Matt? 2008 update – part of a continuing series of short films about a funny dance – as a Video Spotlight toward the end of 2012. It was, in fact, the original inspiration for our Video Spotlights as a continuing feature here at The Travel Word. That’s why we were delighted…


Video Spotlight: Where the Hell Is Matt?

  • Paul Tavner
  • 23 October 2011

This week’s video spotlight focuses on a real classic, a video that was in fact the original inspiration for this every-other-week feature. It’s been around for a while, so chances are you might have come across it before, but this video is so compelling and joyful that it never fails to bring a smile to our faces, no matter how many times we rewatch it.

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