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Raw Nature Revealed in Montenegro: Podgorica Ecotourism

  • Samantha Libby
  • 12 July 2011

Set against the deep blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, Podgorica, Montenegro, is home to some of the most stunning gorges, peaks, rivers and valleys in Europe, if not the world. Even better, thanks to its relative distance from the tourist track, its centuries-old culture and traditions have remained largely intact.


In Praise of Wild Beauty in Montenegro

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 11 February 2011

“Just like in childhood memories in which reality seems to shine with living colours,” says the website of Montenegro Adventures, a well-respected tour operator, “Montenegro is a land of contrasts and natural beauty… a fascinating combination in which the tiny and the grandiose are tangled.” Apparently, that same website has been instrumental in capturing some of the same sense brilliance in “this small but fabulous destination.” Late last year, it was awarded the country’s Wild Beauty Award 2010 for Best Tourism Website.


Rediscovering the Cultural Treasures of Old Royal Montenegro

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 9 January 2010

Until not that long ago – only about 100 years – the whole of Montenegro was still a tribal society with groups of families united by clan and living in regions called nahijas. The oldest historical part of Montenegro, today referred to as Old Royal Montenegro, which was independent for centuries, was split into four…


Meander Through Montenegro – Guided or On Your Own

  • Christina Heyniger
  • 30 August 2009

This article was first published by our friends at Off the Radar, who have agreed to its republication here. View the original article on their blog. The tourism scene in Montenegro is still mainly focused on the country’s gorgeous coastline, where boats and beachgoers flock to the sparkling Adriatic Sea. But the government is now…


Summer in the Balkans: Keeping Montenegro Pristine

  • Ethan Gelber
  • 10 June 2009

I’m always favourably surprised by how many people have heard of Montenegro. For such a Lilliputian nation, it seems to have outsized celebrity, although, sadly, still seldom as a place worthy of holiday consideration. Having been an attractive vacation retreat as recently as the 1980s, Montenegro until just a few years ago had fallen off the radar as a tourist destination for anyone outside the region.

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