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Can Ecotourism Help Save Endangered Species?

  • Laurel Angrist
  • 22 May 2012

We’ve all visited neglected, underfunded and high-traffic tourist parks where wild and endangered animals have become almost tame. Sites such as these, where regulations are inadequately enforced, are unfortunately far too common. On the sunny flip side of this is well-planned ecotourism, the kind that helps conserve many outdoor and wilderness spaces that may be a last hope for endangered species.


Video Spotlight: One Day on Earth

  • Paul Tavner
  • 28 August 2011

The One Day on Earth project began in 2008, with the vision of uniting the entire world in a single film-related project. The potential for collaboration offered by the internet is something that continues to be explored to this day, but the group behind One Day on Earth set out to achieve something that had never been seen before: a collection of moments, experiences and events from all corners of the globe with a single unifying experience – they all took place on the same day.


Save the Rhino, See My Horn!

  • Andy Scott
  • 31 January 2011

The rhinoceros is critically endangered! Approximately 200 years ago, at the turn of the 19th century, there were an estimated one million rhinos. By 1970, the count was about 70,000. Today, there are fewer than 24,000 remaining in the wild. If there is no change in our appreciation of this magnificent animal – if we do not take action to stop poaching and support the protection of our rhinos – the five surviving species (white rhino, black rhino, Indian rhino, Sumatran rhino and Javan rhino) will become extinct in the wild in our lifetime.


PAN Parks – Wild at Heart

  • Paul Tavner
  • 22 April 2010

PAN Parks is an organisation dedicated to the preservation and protection of Europe’s wilderness spaces. Founded in 1997 as a joint venture between the WWF and the Dutch leisure company Molecaten, PAN Parks has today expanded to the point where it provides support for 11 distinct parks. Stretching from the frosty edge of the Arctic Circle to the warm waters of the Mediterranean, the PAN Parks network is now the perfect reflection of Europe’s incredibly diverse range of climates, habitats and geography.


Eat Your Greens: Vietnam’s Green Restaurant Campaign Takes the Bite out of Illegal Animal Consumption

  • 13 November 2009

This article was first published by our friends at Intrepid Travel, who have agreed to its republication here. View the original article on their Intrepid Express Blog. . Bear for breakfast, langur for lunch or tiger for tea? We certainly hope these are not on YOUR dinner plate, but sadly these endangered creatures can be…

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