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  • 25 November 2010


After arriving in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, and taking in the customary tourist attractions, travellers in search of a more authentic Ghanaian experience should hop in a tro-tro (shared taxi) or STC (State Transportation Corporation) bus and make their way into Northern Ghana. There, the more tropical scenery of the coastline soon gives way to rolling savannah and red dusty plains. Locals in this part of the country make do in modest adobe homes, so every cedi spent in the area makes a real difference.

Baboons in Northern Ghana

Baboons are a common site in the north of Ghana, especially in the Mole National Park. They tend to make themselves at home around the lodges and can at times be very mischievous.

Northern Ghana is not as developed as other parts of country, but it does have ample infrastructure to meet the needs of guests looking for comfortable accommodation and a warm welcome. In friendly Ghanaian hotels such as the Picorna, ideally located across from the market in the middle of Tamale (the capital city of the region), guests can really get to know the friendly, local owners and experience everyday life in a way that would otherwise be missed.

There are also plenty of things to see and do in Northern Ghana that offer incredible insight into local life. Everything from day tours to a comprehensive 16-day Discovering Africa in Ghana excursion get under the skin of a place, delivering truly local perspectives – tastes of the real Ghana.

Tourism in this area has a particularly dedicated focus on giving back to the local people, since all business funnelled through the economy is critical to the area’s sustainability. The whl.travel local connection, M & J Travel and Tours, is just as fervent in its commitment to the promotion of sustainable tourism. “It has been our dream as a company to be part of a travel network that focuses on and drives toward sustainability all along the value chain,” shared a team leader.

Local art in Northern Ghana

There are amazing artists all over the country. A typical piece from a local craftsman can be the perfect souvenir to actually capture the culture of Ghana.

“The major advantage to us is the technology and ongoing training and support for our team in Ghana, which has made it easy for first-time travellers to access and pay online for accommodation, transfers and visits to attractions through an entirely locally owned company. The technology of whl.travel has given developing countries the ability to offer the seamless service of a first-world country and access to marketing support and distribution channels so we can continue to grow in the future.”



Nir’ yi sheei na Accra din nyɛ Ghana tiŋzuɣu la, ka bɔri n’ o nya tiŋgbani namtɛri, din ŋuna åun kpaŋmi o maŋa k’ o bɔ loori n-du Ghana tudu bôbili. Nimaani k’o yɛn nya alahiziba namtɛri zaa, kaman zoya, kuɣa, yɔɣu, kulibôna, nti pahi tihi ni tankpagbuligu. Niriba bâm be lala bôbili maa zaŋdila tandi n-meri bɛ yiya, ka bɛ shiiri kam diri ni soli.

Ghana tudu polo bi lâbigi paai Ghana luê’ shâåa din kpalim. Tô amaa di lee mali biâhigu puuni yâlibôra shâåa din ni châ ka biâhigu niå tuå n-ti saamba nti tabili saamba dugbâr’ shâåa din be nyââm kaman Picorna Hotel. Lala saamba kpâhigu shee åô kul bela Tamale tiå’ puuni Abaabuu daa la nyaaåa. Kpâ åô, nir’ ni tooi nya tiå’ maa nima ni nyâ shâba, ka lan baå bâ biâhigu viânyâliåga n-gari luêili kam.

Binyâra pam m-beni ka nir’ ni nya ka lan tum tudu polo åô ka di châ ka nir’ baå lala polonima biâhigu n-naai zaa. Binshâɣu kam din gbaai dabisi yini go n-gili nti paai biâêu pia ni ayobu Afirika baåbu Ghana puuni Discovering Africa in Ghana go n-gili puuni nir’ ni baå Ghana zaa ka bi guui shâli.

Woman in adobe home, Northern Ghana

Many of the people in Northern Ghana live in adobe homes with thatched roofs since those are the materials available in this dry, desert region of the country.

Bôbili åô saamba gôrimgôrim tuma nyâla din øâya ni di bo n-labisi ti bôbili maanima dama bômma ni nyamma din zaa yirina nyâla din kpa pam n-ti bôbili maa toontibo polo. Ti å-åôna saamba gôrimgôrim tuma du’shâli bâ ni booni M&J Travel and Tours nim’ gba mali nimmoo zaå chaå saamba gôrimgôrim tuma kpaåsibu polo. Marian Thompson daa yâliya:”Ti tuma duu åô niya nyɛla ti gba pahi nangbaanyini laêiågu shâli din yina ni di bo kpaåsibu ni banzali n-ti saamba gôrimgôrim tuma yaêa zaa. Zuê’suå shâli dim beni nyâla tabibi baåsim so’ shâåa ti niriba bâm be Ghana ni mali, ka di châ ka saamba ni tooi be luêuli kam ka yo dugbâra mini bâ go n-gili zuêu n-ti saamba gôrimgôrim tuma du’ shâåa dim be Ghana puuni na. whl.travel tuma duunim’ tabibi baåsim zuêu châ ka bâ sôådi gbansabila tiågbana ka bâ gba tumda, ka yooi soya n-ti dabiligu din ni châ ka ti gba lâbigi ka di bi yuui.”

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